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Meet the Owner: Steven Dipollina  

Transforming Homes in Bridgewater, NJ with Floor Coverings International

Article by Bridgewater City Lifestyle

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If you're on the lookout for high-quality flooring solutions and exceptional customer service in Bridgewater, NJ, look no further than Floor Coverings International, owned and operated by Steven Dipollina. Steve, as he's fondly known, is a driven entrepreneur with a passion for transforming homes and leaving a lasting impact on the community. Let's get to know Steve and his journey as the owner of Floor Coverings International in Hillsborough.

Family-Oriented Roots: Steve's commitment to his family shines through every aspect of his life. Married to Katie, and the proud father of two sons, Rosario and Parker, family values and creating a legacy for his children have been at the heart of his entrepreneurial journey.

A Dream Come True: Ever since he graduated college, Steve nurtured a desire to start his own business. He craved the freedom to steer his destiny while making a meaningful contribution to the community he loved. With Floor Coverings International, he found the perfect avenue to turn his dreams into reality and provide a future for his children.

Building a Strong Foundation: Steve knows that success doesn't come easy. His experience has taught him that the highs can be exhilarating, but the lows can be challenging. To overcome these hurdles, he emphasizes the importance of staying focused on a well-thought-out plan and networking to build a robust customer base.

"I visit at least one local business to introduce myself. I review my business plan weekly and have a high-level conversation with my wife about the business weekly too. It is easy to get thrown off of your routine when you start a business, putting out fires, etc. But I go out of my way weekly to look at the business from a higher altitude," Steve explains.

The Vision for the Future: With a clear vision for the future, Steve envisions his business flourishing in the next five and ten years. In five years, he envisions a team of six professionals, armed with four mobile showrooms, making it convenient for clients to explore flooring options at their homes.

In a decade, Steve aspires to make his business synonymous with "Flooring" in the Bridgewater market. This reputation will be built on the pillars of delivering high-quality work, superior customer service, and an unmatched experience that sets his company apart from competitors.

The Floor Coverings International Difference: Floor Coverings International stands out from the crowd, thanks to the unique approach Steve and his team take when serving their customers. They offer a Mobile Showroom, bringing the showroom experience to clients' homes, making the design and decision-making process effortless.

Their single point of contact system ensures that the Design Associate who initially engages with clients remains available throughout the entire process, ensuring seamless communication and customer satisfaction. Honest and upfront pricing guarantees no surprises at the end of the job, and they remain committed to their customers' happiness.

Personal Growth and Success: For Steve, success comes from stepping out of one's comfort zone, networking, and genuinely helping others solve their problems. He has learned to think from an "outside-in" perspective, asking, "How can I help this person?" to build strong connections and a loyal customer base.

A Message from Steve: Aspiring entrepreneurs and customers alike can benefit from Steve's wisdom: "The phones are not going to just ring. You need to get out there and hustle, get to know new people and help them. Reputation is everything, so providing a great experience from start to finish is a necessity."

Beyond Business: When Steve isn't busy transforming homes and managing his business, he is fully immersed in his sons' sports activities, particularly baseball. He takes pride in being a supportive father and coach, making weekends an exciting time of cheering and bonding with his family.

Gratitude to the Community: In his first year of business, Steve feels grateful for the overwhelming support and appreciation from the Bridgewater community. He loves what he does and cherishes the opportunity to serve this wonderful community.

With Steven Dipollina at the helm of Floor Coverings International in Hillsborough, Bridgewater residents can be confident of receiving top-notch flooring solutions and personalized service. Transform your home with a touch of elegance and professionalism - all thanks to Steve and his dedicated team!

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