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Full Sail Solutions


Article by David Scheller

Photography by Full Sail Solutions

Jean Miller grew tired of biting her tongue. 

An accountant by education, Jean had spent more than 20 years running her own boutique consulting firm. She advised her clients on all matters of finances, but did not consider it her business to point out other areas in which their companies were deficient. 

A perfectionist by self-admission, Jean found such abstention difficult. After taking a couple months off to hike the Camino de Santiago with her 75-year-old mother, she mulled over how she would like to go back and help all the workplaces she perceived to be hindered by failures to communicate, build teamwork, and foster an otherwise productive environment. 

Jean was also aware that companies must presently pay increasing attention to staff retention. The words “Great” and “Recession,” when placed together, are of special interest to a business analyst. After some meditation Jean put all consultation on hold, developed a fascinating tool to help companies become stronger, and founded Full Sail Solutions in Eden Prairie.

“I began by isolating every facet of a company’s culture,” said Jean. “In time I narrowed the list down to what matters most within organizations based on my work with many businesses in many diverse industries: Structure, Environment, Leadership, Errors & Mistakes, Communication, Teamwork, Transparency, Opportunities, Risk vs. Reward and Systems. Just like that, SELECTTORS® was born.

Errors & Mistakes, for example, relates to how a business deals with employees when they make mistakes. Does the management show their staff how to avoid the same mistakes in the future? Or do they only reprimand them? Opportunities encompasses growth, recognition and connection – not just the potential for career advancement – and includes whether staff members receive recognition for their accomplishments, and also whether they work alongside others whom they relate to. Systems, which is often overlooked, looks at the technology and equipment the staff uses as well as the flow of manual processes. In the simplest terms, do the current systems in place make their jobs easier or only more difficult?

“A company’s team members are sensitive to each of the SELECTTORS, and can encounter more problems in their workplace when they report that any of them are deficient. That’s why I developed surveys around SELECTTORS – they provide a clear overview of exactly which areas a company’s culture is lacking in.

“The SELECTTORS survey is short because it is designed to be taken multiple times a year, which enhances its value as a morale-boosting exercise. There’s a psychological phenomenon known as the Hawthorne effect. It describes the way people tend to work harder when they believe someone is paying attention to them, which explains why employees take greater pride in their roles when they know their management pays genuine attention to their opinions.

“Our clients find the results they receive from their SELECTTORS surveys invaluable as they identify ways they can improve their companies. It helps them begin conversations with their team members which can lead to important breakthroughs. They get to say ‘We heard you, and we want to fix it.’ The survey also provides our signature Compass Heading™, which gives an accurate assessment of employees’ overall satisfaction with their workplace.

“The simple act of showing that team members’ opinions matter is immensely beneficial, too. Our clients will take note of this, especially as increasing numbers of their employees complete their surveys every few months. Rising participation rates also reflect employees’ trust in the process, which grows once they’ve seen that their input really is anonymous.

“Part of Full Sail Solutions’ value is that we are a third party vendor to our clients. People are understandably hesitant to give their honest opinions directly to their employers, and place more trust in an intermediary to keep their identities separate from their opinions. But the survey itself, which is more valid, comprehensive, and easy to administer than any other assessment of a company’s culture developed to date, is the greatest advantage that we offer.

“Our process requires little consulting. We can help our client put together the presentation they will use to share survey results with their employees, if they would like that assistance, and also help them identify which of the SELECTTORS they should prioritize. And if our clients want additional help dissecting the results and making positive changes, we’ve partnered with some amazing change management professionals.

“In response to the current business climate, we’ve added an extension to the SELECTTORS survey. When so many managers are weighing the pros and cons of continuing to let their employees work from home, requesting that they return to the office, or embracing some hybrid of the two schedules, this survey gives them clear guidance on the best course of action. It’s additionally available as its own standalone product and it’s already proven helpful to managers who must make an unprecedented decision in the American workplace. It also serves as an excellent introduction to our services.

“Just as we continually strive to be the best versions of ourselves, Full Sail Solutions allows companies to be the best versions of themselves. That ultimately means better financial results!”

To learn more about Full Sail Solutions’ revolutionary product and how it enhances employee satisfaction and productivity, please visit FullSailSolutions.Net.