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Whimsical Journeys


Article by Becka Corbitt

Photography by Stock Photos

Let's Get Started

Where do we begin?

Journeys are over-the-top exciting to plan. The mystery of wondering where you'll go and what you'll do. The unexpected. The mapping out. A vacation, self-reflection retreat, friend getaway, romantic escape and so many more ideas flood our day-timers.

Our journeys start with our thoughts and dreams. That's simply where they begin.

What is the Purpose?

Does a journey have to be a trip?

We have to decide. Journeys can be a new start or a place we create to escape our daily routine. Journeys can be our yearly vacations, our family memory trips and our self-reflecting places we create to experience peace, joy and rest.

Creating a purpose for our journeys allows us to map out discoveries we want to find while on our adventures. We may have weekly journeys, monthly getaways, long drives to reflect and think through.

Create your purpose.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." – Lao Tzu

Following Through

Seal of commitment

Decide to stay committed to your journey dreams. Your purpose is what leads you to commitment. To see the outcome of a fulfilled journey, you must follow through and see your journey's purpose become a reality.

Seal your journey with the commitment to see it through. The joy you will find in walking it out will bring you lasting growth and fulfillment.

What Do We Do Inside Our Journeys?


Journeys allow us to rest. We are taking time to go somewhere away from our norm. Chill!


Go so you can come back changed. 


Find ways within your journeys to redefine your path and discover new commitments toward your goals and future. It's always good to grow!

Don't Stop With One

Don't stop with one journey. Create many journeys throughout your life. Journeys create spaces of growth in our lives. They give us opportunities to expand ourselves into people who can think deep, find peace, spread joy and learn from the amazing discoveries we find when we press into whimsical moments.

Find your path toward committing to weekly, monthly and yearly journeys. Make memory-making journeys.

~ becka

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