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Tidy Up Your Week with a Free Printable


Article by Yuriko Beaman

Photography by Yuriko Beaman

In Joy at Work, by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein, Marie writes about how her husband’s work style is the example of tidy.

“When I say his ‘work is tidy,’ I mean that he is always clear about what needs to be done, carries out his tasks efficiently, and works stress-free with joy.”

Her husband’s secret is to make time for honest self-reflection. Every two weeks, he sets aside time to reflect on the purpose of his work and his goals. (It reminds me of Simon Sinek's Ted Talk.) When I’m working to shift my thinking, I turn to my journal and start writing. To that end, I’ve put together a reflection sheet using reflection questions from Marie’s husband, Takumi Kawahara.

In addition to the reflection questions, I also created a weekly goal sheet. I find myself more distracted lately and I’ve found that writing down my priorities for the day and week has helped me. I suggest focusing on the overall goal for each day. Sometimes, it’s easier to get lost in the details when I schedule things out hour by hour.

Today is a great day to shift your mindset! To get started you can download a free Joyful Week Planner.

If you have questions or would like my support as you learn to tidy your space and mind, contact me at