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Couelur + Blinde´


Article by Britney Newman

Photography by Britney Newman

Why shop at any other boutique in San Antonio, when you can shop from a fashion celebrity with a sophisticated sense of style? Anthony Ryan Auld is not only a Project Runway Allstars Winner but also a fan favorite. Anthony Ryan launched Couelur + Blinde´. He graduated from Louisiana State University. Moreover, he studied design techniques in Paris, Franc e under Vivienne Westwood and Basil Soda to just name a few. He is a cancer survivor and the founder of Roar, a nonprofit foundation that gives voice to those with inspiring stories of survival in the face of adversity. “Why whisper when you can, Roar”! Anthony Ryan expertly creates designs for the mood on the street. The mood on the street, refers to the style for the target6 market in a specific location. There is also a very convenient Instashop on the official site to make purchases on Instagram. My internship was with Anthony Ryan and I learned precision when it comes to. Concept/Mood boards and rendering illustrations. Seeing the type of clothes that he makes and the perfection of his garments make me want to sharpen my sewing techniques and rebrand. The mood of the store matches the mood of the interior decorating. He cleverly hung a vintage bike to the ceiling and it’s all a rustic vibe. When you shop here, it will be quality over quantity and exclusive craftsmanship. 


What was it like being on Project Runway?

You go into it blind. But it’s exciting and overwhelming.

Can you take anything that can assist you in preparing garments?

You cannot take slopers/patterns at all. And for each new challenge, you have to make everything from scratch. 

How did you see your personality on the show? 

I was the underdog and played the black sheep. 

What was winning like?

It was total redemption. 

Good finds my daughter and I bought on our last visit.

4704 Broadway St.

San Antonio, TX 78209