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Too Much


Article by Dr. Anthony Cutting

Photography by Dr. Anthony Cutting

Chiropractic is about bringing “more” into your life. More freedom, more ability to move pain-free, improved sleep, more energy, the list goes on...

The challenge is that these days it can be hard to bring more into your life without it breaking you down. So while Chiropractic can help you live a better life, it's common to not incorporate it regularly. Instead, you only make the time when you get the point of hurting beyond what you can stand. 

Today there are more opportunities in life than ever. More exciting job and career options, ways to make money, reach out and impact people, and involve yourself in exciting projects.

More opportunity to meet new people, socialize, attend events. Restaurants, travel, and on and on. More exercise classes to take, skills to learn, adventures to plan.

All of this “more” today can also quickly become “too much.” Sometimes it isn’t obvious when that transition takes place – until it is too late...and you find yourself overwhelmed having overdone it.  

Perhaps you go too hard too fast in the new boxing class. Too much work tethered to your laptop followed by too much high-flying fun and vacation. Or just too many calendar pages stuffed too full for too long.

And then the fallout occurs –Breakdown. Stress. Suddenly just getting the basics done is challenging, and the idea of more fun is long gone.

Then a whole new packed lineup can appear. Feelings of missing out, stress, fear for the future and sudden unknowns, uncertainty. 

One key to handling all of this is to learn the concept of Essentialism. Say no more to things, even if they are good things, in order to say yes to the best things.

I've found this to be crucial to not burning out. The world and the pace of life isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s more likely to speed up. 

This concept of Essentialism, along with taking time for quick resets with routine Chiropractic care, has radically improved the quality of life for myself and for my loved ones. I would encourage you to look into Essentialism by Greg McKeown and incorporate the concepts. Then, let us know how it goes!