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Wall Art for Different Design Styles


Article by Cate Marian

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Minimalist Wall Art Inspiration

Simple, sophisticated and sleek. It's the foundation of minimal design. To carry this look onto your walls, choose artwork with clean lines, neutral or monochromatic color palettes, and interesting shapes and subjects.

Mid-Century Modern Wall Art Inspiration

From pop art and abstract expressionism, to vintage travel posters geometric shapes and patterns, mid-century modern artwork is all about bright colors and bold pieces. Whether you gravitate toward a particular theme, or want to mix and match, here's some inspiration to get you started.

Eclectic Wall Art Inspiration

Can't quite peg down your design style? Or even if you identify as a farmhouse gal through and through, you're bound to cherish items that don't necessarily fit in with the rest of your decor—and that's okay. Eclectic design is all about displaying the things you love in a way that focuses on bringing order to the chaos.