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Holiday Shopping Guide


Article by Yuriko Beaman

Photography by Michelle @designedforadventure

The holiday shopping season has started. There is so much pressure to find the perfect gift and at the best price. Our inboxes are overflowing with deals and gift suggestions. 

How do you sift through it all to gift and shop mindfully?

Here are a few mindful tips from Joy & Space's founder and certified KonMari Consultant.

1. Consider the Recipient

  • What activities do they enjoy, especially now that we are spending more time at home? 
  • Can you picture them enjoying their daily routine? 
  • What might bring a smile to their face?

2. Picture Them Using the Gift

  • Can you see the recipient using the item?
  • Where might they store it?
  • Will they need to purchase anything else to enjoy it?

3. Consider Sustainability and Longevity 

Some companies, such as Patagonia, will repair clothing if it gets torn or ripped. (They’ve mended one of my favorite cardigans.) Others, such as Coyuchi, offer renewed items that are on their second life.

Buying used items from ThredUp or your local consignment store gives clothing new life and can support a local business. Consider giving a gift certificate if you’re giving it to someone who enjoys shopping.

4. Give Experiences Over Things

If you are hesitant to give a gift that might turn into clutter, experiences are a fun option. Here are some of my favorites:

5. Let Go of Pressure + Have Fun

2020 is a year like no other. Since we will be celebrating differently, give yourself space and let go of the pressure to get it just right. The purpose of a gift is to convey that we care and that recipient is in our thoughts. Let that be your guide.

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