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Fall Front Porch


Article by Emily Thibault

Photography by Emily Thibault

Fall is finally here, and it's one of the easiest seasons to decorate for. So as soon as the calendar hit Sept. 1, I broke out the autumnal decor. Since we're still social distancing, I wanted to focus on the porch. For an extra challenge, I gave myself $100 budget.

Happy to report it was pretty easy to stick to the budget. Sadly, though, the squirrels thought the pumpkins were an all-you-can-eat buffet specifically set out for them. If you've been following along on Instagram @thepvcapecod, you got to hear all about it! 

I ended up getting some amazing pumpkins from Sprouts in sage, white, and a pale orange. The sage pumpkins were my absolute favorite; they just really spoke to me. And listen, when something makes you feel a little something extra in 2020, do not pass that up! I know it's not traditional fall orange-red-brown, but against our brick patio and stairs, it was a nice pop of color. The pumpkins ranged from $4-$8, and I ended up with 9 total. Grand total for pumpkins was $38 (rounding up for tax).

In addition to the pumpkins, I wanted some mums. I went to Suburban Lawn & Garden because I also needed to pick up some additional pots to put them in. However, I do know that at one point Aldi had mums on sale for as little as $3! The small mums I got were around $6, and the larger ones were $15. 

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I already had my doormats, as well as the DIY Wreath, so that's not included in the cost. The only other thing I purchased was a hay bale from Hobby Lobby and a few of the plastic pots from Suburban Lawn & Garden (to stay on budget, of course). Total cost for everything was just about $100. 

Budget Breakdown:

  • $38 for pumpkins
  • $46 for mums
  • $10 for pots (we already had a couple at home from previous years)
  • $6 for a hay bale (with a coupon)
  • TOTAL: $100!

Do you decorate your porch for fall? Do you have issues with the squirrels?

Tips for dealing with squirrels:

  • Spray pumpkins with a clear coat of spray paint or polyurethane
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper over the pumpkins (however, rain washes this away)
  • Spray daily with diluted bleach water
  • Rabbit scram (Google it)
  • Vicks vapor rub

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