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What is Your 'Why'?


Article by Becka Corbitt

Photography by Becka Corbitt

What is your “why”?

It can be challenging to dig deep to define your “why”. This has been an awesome exercise and one I challenge you to take time to do for yourself.

I’d like to share my “why” with you and I’d love to hear yours.

My 'Why'

Our stories are valuable. Mine and others. We all have one to share. I’ve learned that my story is a powerful part of who I am and has the capacity to change lives.

I love people! I always have. I love to discover the unique differences people have. Everyone at their core desires to be known. I am driven to discover the uniqueness in others, how to help them, what can I do to be instrumental in their growth. Be it personal, or in business.

Over the years I’ve learned to recognize that I’m a creative, artistic and a passionate woman. I’m driven to share my experiences both good and bad.

Over the last five to six years, I’ve learned the importance of owning what is mine. My good behavior and my bad. My success and my failure. This has empowered me and strengthened my ability to listen to others without taking on their baggage. To share without expectations of being rescued.

Family is incredibly important in life, and family is not just what we are born into. Family is community. Family is team. My core are those I can open up to, be transparent with and those who love me no matter what.

I have learned over especially the last ten years that I do best when I’m doing what I love and what I’m passionate about.

Above all, my "why" is this. I do my life everyday because Jesus Christ has been the most amazing best friend I could ever ask for. And if I can share with just one person the difference he has made in my life. Then my why will have made a difference. 

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