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Ceramic Painting Fun


Article by Jessica Fitch

Photography by Stock Images

I thought they were silly once. "Painting pottery?" I said.

"Yes, painting ceramics," they said.

Entering a studio and seeing all the beautiful work on the walls was enough - I knew I would love it. See, the walls are covered with shelves of finished ceramic and pottery, paints of all colors and shades, and different tools to create masterpieces. You'll see everything from plates, to gnomes, to teapots, to sculptures... all painted by the hands of children and masters alike.

The joy in ceramics painting for many comes from the pre-formed ceramic. For these studios, there's no blank page, no lump of clay to create something out of, but you have the freedom to paint whatever you like regardless. You could paint a teapot that says "Girls Night In." You could paint a gnome to look like your daughter while she paints one to look like you. Your kids could all paint their own plate to use at home. The possibilities are endless, but just as a coloring page offers the structure of a shape, the ceramic is already made to point you in one direction.

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Your typical session involves picking the pieces you'd like to paint on and then sitting down with a blown color palette (so you can see the finished color on ceramic), and your paints. Workers will typically flit in and out to help you with tips, suggestions, or paint colors as needed. When you've finished your work of art, the worker will hold on to it, let it dry and finish the product for you. You'll typically get a call anywhere from a few days to a week later to pick up.

Many ceramics studios offer more than just paint and finished ceramics. Some offer group painting sessions, pottery classes, glass-blowing classes, crafting classes for all ages, and more. These studios often become a hub of cultural activity, or a location for birthday parties, get-togethers, or family outings. Always check for your local businesses - there are often many in any given city, and far more options than those nationally-known brands.

Letting a love for the creative sprout is important at any age, and it can start with a "World's Best __" mug, or a tiny flower pot with a cute saying on the side. Now, find your local studio and happy painting!