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A New Stretch

Kim Narker Launches The Stretch Method®

Article by Kim Nartker

Photography by Michelle Moody

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Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness is now The Stretch Mobility Coach. Owner Kim Nartker says, “Over the past few years we’ve expanded our services and we have so much more to offer beyond physical therapy alone”. We are changing our name and re-branding to The Stretch Mobility Coach in order to encompass all of what we have to offer.” Stretch Mobility services combine the skilled education of graduated or licensed rehab professionals with the preventative health and wellness techniques of The Stretch Method®.

This training program provides health and wellness clients with needed care outside of traditional physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT) and an athletic trainer certified (ATC) current offerings. The result is a better experience for clients.

How is The Stretch Method® (TSM) different from traditional PT, OT and AT care?

  • PT, OT and AT current care offerings are reactive care models that focus care on acute injury, pain and surgery. 
  • This care model is imperative for the needs of clients that require surgery, bracing and injuries, but does not provide long-term relief for the client with chronic pain or tightness. Nor does it promote the prevention of medications, injections or surgery. 
  • TSM bridges that gap for a customer by providing the necessary care outside PT, OT, ATC services
  • That takes a person from pain, injury, post-surgical care, and tightness through a proven process that focuses on the root cause of a problem and offers a successful, outcome-based coaching program to keep a person away from the chronic reactive care model currently offered. 
  • TSM is a well-care model that focuses on education and rebuilding the musculoskeletal system and provides natural healing modalities for degenerative conditions. 
  • TSM utilizes a five-phase care system. The result of this system is a better experience for clients and more successful outcomes and practices for TSM affiliates. 

If you are experiencing pain and or tightness call to schedule a consultation. (513)-874-8800

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