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Maserati MC20: The Engineer’s Dream

If you’re looking for full luxury with performance inspired by the Formula One gods, look no further than the latest supercar from Maserati: the MC20. Though a limited production car, Maserati pulled out all the stops to create art on wheels that’ll leave any pilot behind the wheel satisfied. 

The stark attention to detail flows from roof to rim, with a sporty yet classy interior that could make its owner feel like a racecar driver and a luxe business owner all in one experience. The key word is experience, which Maserati captures the adrenaline-seeking influence of the racing circuit of Modena, Italy in the MC20. In fact, the MC20 is the first Maserati of its kind to be produced completely at the Maserati Modena facility. 

For performance, what makes the MC20 supercar special? We’re glad you asked. It features a roaring mid-engine 3.0L V6 621HP twin-turbo with patented racing derived technology. What makes this technology unique beyond the typical V6, is the usage of Maserati’s patented “Nettuno” engine technology with passive pre-chamber combustion to accommodate today’s emissions standards without sacrificing horsepower. This engineer’s dream, twin-combustion system mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission makes this Maserati supercar have no trouble stretching its legs. 

The MC20 comes in two options: the coupe or cabriolet, with an all-electric model not far behind. The four driving modes (Wet, GT, Sport and Corsa) ensure customizable enjoyment and comfort anywhere from on the road to the racetrack. The Sport mode, for example, allows for stiffer suspension for those who prefer spirited driving on those winding mountain roads with all of the safety features such as ABS, traction and stability control. If wide open is more your style, try the Corsa mode. 

Though this vehicle comes at a  price tag (starting $210,000), you can be confident the MC20 will have you feeling like you’re cruising in wine country with the class and performance you’d expect from Maserati. 

Local Maserati dealer Maurizio Randazzo told us the demand for the MC20 is higher than the availability can keep up. The effects of the COVID virus has greatly affected the ability to get these cars in, with the first MC20 set to arrive Spring 2021. Randazzo had this to say about model releases, “The 2021 Ghibli, Quatroportte and Lavante….by the end of this year. Also, we are getting limited production run of the Ghibli, Quatroportte and Lavante “Trofeo” that will be powered by a 3.8-liter, Twin-Turbo Ferrari built v-8 producing 580 hp and 538 lb-ft of torque. Capable of exceeding 200 mph!”
Initially, he will be carrying the coupe only with the spyder and electric models to come soon. When asked what impresses him most about the MC20 he said, “Impressed by 621 hp @ 7500 RPM and 538 ft lbs of torque from 3000 to 5000 rpm! First pre-chamber combustion with twin spark plugs incorporated in a road going engine…coming from F1 technology that allows the engine to deliver the massive power and torque relative to its size and 8000 redline!” That power and torque he mentions takes flight with the ultra-light Carbon Fiber “Monocoque” or internal structure, commonly used in Formula One and Le Mans prototype racing. 

With COVID in mind, Randazzo and his team at Maserati are taking extra precautions to take care of their customers. Their team will provide test drives, delivery and sales of vehicles at the customer's home with limited contact at customer request. “We can Facetime or Google-Meet to make the transaction easy and transparent,” said Randazzo, “We will provide special hours, early or late if it makes customer[s] more comfortable to avoid a group of people. We have dedicated staff for constant sanitization of all touch points for the safety of all.” If needed, their team will pick up your MC20 and deliver it for any needed service.

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