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2021 Mercedes-Benz G Class AMG G 63

Mileage: 13 MPG City/16 MPG Highway

Seating: 5 Passenger

Feature 1: Amazing design layout

Feature 2: Preforms in environments from no terrain to tough terrain

Feature 3: State of the art modern technology

Feature 4: Air balance cabin-air purification system

Feature 5: 3 zone automatic climate control

Details: ∙  4.0L 577 HP V8

∙  4.5 Sec 0-60 MPH

∙  $156,450* MSRP 

There is no other vehicle as amazing as the 2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV; this car has stood the test of time. It is an automotive oddity that should never have survived this long since it was introduced in the seventies. It has traditionally been used by either police departments or some seriously renowned adventurists. Now it competes with the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga when it comes to luxury, style, and status in the Ultra SUV world; many cars have tried and even come close, but none have taken over this coveted top spot.

Over the years, the AMG G 63 has turned into a classic showpiece and has so much tech and features inside that it would make some luxury limo owners jealous. This amazing machine supports 577 HP in the twin-turbo V8 engine that sits under the large square hood. The 2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV is not only the Ultimate source of transportation but one of the most reliable.

It’s one of the few vehicles that could reach a remote mountain top. Packed with 577 handcrafted horses, with side pipe exhaust, the AMG G 63 is a legend raised to a higher power for a new era. Advanced luxury, unwavering confidence, and extensive individualization let you create a G that's at ease in any corner of the world.