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Natural stone sinks: Timeless style, durability and texture.

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2024 Design Trends

Nature-Inspired Materials and Color Reign Supreme

Step into 2024’s interior design landscape, where nature-inspired materials and color reign supreme. This year, the trend leans toward sustainable luxury, indoor/outdoor living and textured organic elements. Expect lush greenery and earthy tones (both muted and bold) to dominate spaces. The emphasis is on creating serene environments that balance comfort with elegance. Designs draw inspiration from nature’s simplicity, fostering an indoor/outdoor feel within the home. The color palette for 2024 reflects a desire for balance and versatility. From muted greens to earthy terracottas, the colors of the year invite a blend of nature-inspired tones. This upcoming design trend welcomes a harmonious blend of elements. Get ready to embrace a home that marries style with sustainability for a beautiful interior.

We are using colors, textures, and materials in a new and innovative way. Concrete on fireplaces, handmade clay tiles, plastered walls, lots of wood and, of course, include color. A shift from stark whites and cool grays toward shades of beiges, rich browns, creamy off-whites and other warmer neutrals has already started making its way into design. There will also be a rise in maximalist design with bold patterns, rich textures and vibrant colors making a statement in elements like wallpapers, textiles and furnishings. Combining bold colors with the natural elements mentioned above in interior design creates a dynamic and harmonious space that is both vibrant and grounded.

  • Natural stone sinks: Timeless style, durability and texture.
  • Gaining momentum — the use of reclaimed doors.
  • Colors of the year blend nature-inspired tones.
  • Concrete fireplaces are incorporated into various design styles.