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Meet Cavaliere Couture


Article by Kristi Hopp

Photography by Provided

There’s an old adage that goes like this:

"Great things never come from staying in your comfort zones. In my opinion, that is what being an entrepreneur is all about. Stepping out of your comfort zone, taking a chance on something you believe in. In the end, it is about taking a chance on yourself.” ~ Lela Reynolds

With an entrepreneurship spirit, Lela Reynolds embraces all things small business. “I always wanted to work for myself, even at the young age of 10 years old. This was my dream,” Lela shares.  

Stemming from an equestrian background and a genuine love of horses, Lela’s journey began. Lela started riding at the age of four. This quickly led to owning her first horse at 10 years old. Starting the following year, Lela entered the mainstream competition arena, and never looked back.  

Having horses always on her mind and heart, Lela acknowledged the value of a college education. Enrolling at Arizona State University (ASU) and later graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communication & Marketing. These valuable skills learned in college applied easily to Lela’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur, ultimately becoming her own boss.  

It began with the Arabian Horse Exchange in 2016, which was successfully acquired by a fellow Arabian horse enthusiast in 2018. This was JUST the tip of the iceberg. Lela recalls, “I was taking a riding lesson with my dressage trainer Kimberly Monk on a beautiful Scottsdale day in 2016. I have always disliked breeches, that day I was wearing my favorite pair of workout pants, the super comfy Lululemons.” Lela’s trainer immediately took note of the dual cell phone pocket on both sides and curiously asked if they were riding pants. Lela giggled, “No, they are my workout pants.” Both Kimberly and Lela agreed that a great idea was born in their mutual think tank.  

2017 was a busy year in the development of Cavaliere Couture, with an official launch in May 2018. Asking Lela about her business plan: “To be honest, I just winged it. I took a huge chance on this idea. I didn’t have much of a plan ~ I saw a demand in the market that wasn’t filled, and I filled it.”

There are so many things that set Cavaliere Couture apart from other brands; first, there is not another product on the market that is this unique. “There is no other company that crosses the line of athletic clothing and equestrian clothing. Fitness instructors are wearing the same tights used for equestrians. They also have a very deep pocket so that any size phone can be fully emerged and safe. The material is one of a kind within the equestrian community. I wear them to ride, workout, and teach my fitness classes.”  

Being a small business owner, however, comes with challenges. One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is not always having a consistent paycheck. Indeed, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. One has to ask, can the benefits outweigh the challenges?

“You may work 20 hours a day, but you work 20 hours a day FOR YOU. You can take the credit for your success and sometimes accepting the failures. When your brand is finally recognized, the feeling is very gratifying.”

Personally, as the author of this inspiring blog about supporting small businesses, I love Cavaliere Couture. I have about five pairs of the pants. I wear them to the barn, but they are also fantastic for hiking, walking, and even going to the grocery store. Hearing the complements is so refreshing! Supporting a friend and a great small business is rewarding beyond belief.  

Stay tuned for more adventures with Lela Reynolds. Her other main business is The Social Exchange, all things social media success. She is also an advocate for mental health and has a successful blog with Confessions Of The Not So Perfect Girl.  

Enjoy! Workout, Write and Ride...

Kristi Hopp

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