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Serving Snohomish County with Ramps


Article by Vanderbeken Remodel

Photography by Madeline Harsh

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Ramps are not only incredibly helpful but also essential for individuals facing mobility challenges or disabilities. With their smooth and sloping surface, ramps provide a safe and easy means for people to move between different levels. For wheelchair users, ramps are nothing short of a lifesaver, granting them the freedom to navigate spaces and buildings independently. However, the benefits of ramps extend beyond just wheelchair users. They also provide immense assistance to individuals with walkers, canes, or other mobility aids, allowing them to move around with greater ease and confidence. Furthermore, ramps are a blessing for parents with strollers who no longer have to struggle with stairs, as well as individuals who frequently carry heavy loads. In essence, ramps are a simple yet transformative solution that promotes inclusivity and accessibility for all members of society.

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One way that VanderBeken Remodel serves the Snohomish County community is by partnering each spring with the Master Builders Association of King & Snohomish County to serve a local family in need by building a wheelchair access ramp, for free. It’s a privilege to serve our community and we enjoy volunteering in this way!

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