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4 Ways To Thank Your Clients


Article by Thomas Carton

Photography by Thomas Carton

  4 Great Ways To Thank Your B2B Clients This Holiday Season

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  As the holiday season falls upon us, those of us who provide services and products to other businesses often find ourselves in a rush to find a fun or meaningful gift to thank our supportive clients.  Although for many business relationships a holiday gift is not required, there really is no better way to thank a client and remain in their thoughts.  As we consult with our clients, we often encourage them to utilize this time of the year to foster stronger relationships with their own clients and prospects.

Here are 4 great ways to thank your b2b clients during the holiday season.

  Send Your Clients Cookies and Cakes

One tried and true way to thank your clients this holiday season is to send them cookies, cakes, or cupcakes from a local bakery!  No matter the industry, everyone enjoys a sweet treat during the chilly season and many small shops offer bulk order discounts and a wide range of flavors to choose from.  In fact, you could almost say it's the season for cookies!  Just make sure you get an accurate headcount before you send these desserts, no one wants to be left out.

If you are looking for some options for Edmond bakeries you could cater desserts from we recommend Cups N Cakes for exceptional cakes and cupcakes, and Eileens Colossal Cookies for a quick cookie bite.

Share A Baked Ham

Now at our accounting firm, we have had a lot of success sending out baked hams from Honey Baked Hams to our clients.  It is an excellent way to remind your clients and business partners that you are thinking of them around the holiday, and a great way to add a little to their holiday get-togethers and shindigs.  Every client we've gotten a ham for comes back to us next year asking when their Christmas ham will be arriving.  

There are hundreds of alternative places to purchase a ham to be delivered directly to your clients, but if you are looking for a local Edmond butcher shop to support, check out The Meat House!

Host A Holiday Party For Your Clients 

What could be better than a bunch of your clients standing around discussing just how awesome your business is?  Throw in some delicious food and some top-shelf liquor for an enjoyable event that can build your relationship with your clients.  For an added bonus, invite some prospective clients to join!  Throw some love around to your local liquor stores and order some catering from down the road.

  Gift Cards Galore

Gift cards are a staple for the holidays and they work just as well with your clients as they do with your niece and nephew!  If possible, put a little extra thought into what cards to purchase and have them match your client's interest or provide legitimate value to their business.  This is also a good opportunity to show some support to local businesses by purchasing gift cards for restaurants, bakeries, and entertainment from your favorite local shops.

So get out there and share some holiday spirit with your clients this year! They won't forget it, and you can support your local community at the same time. Happy Holidays!

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