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A Comprehensive Guide to Anti-Aging Treatments

Article by Jennifer Buck

Photography by Jennifer Buck

Age is just a number and for many those of us Gen Xers, and now more than ever, there are countless ways to gracefully embrace aging while maintaining a youthful appearance. Thanks to advancements in science and skincare. We will explore the world of anti-aging treatments, providing you the knowledge you need to make informed choices about your skincare journey.

1.        Understanding your skin: Is your skin Oily, combination, dry or normal? This is important so you are choosing the right skincare for your skin needs. For example, someone with dry skin should not be on skincare containing Salicyic acid.


2.       The best medicine is prevention:  The best strategy begins with prevention. Lifestyle habits, such as a healthy diet, consuming enough water and wearing sun protection are just the beginning. As you age your collagen production decreases as does the amount of time it takes your skin to slough off, which is often times why skin becomes dull and starts loosing its elasticity. Starting in your mid 20’s with quality skincare and maintenance procedures such as peels and facials.


3.        Lets talk skincare: Not all skincare is created equally! The delivery systems that skincare uses matter how well the skincare will work for and on your skin. Do you know what a Liposome is? It is a hollow fluid like sphere with performance ingredients these ingredients can be time released to give your skin nourishment and protection throughout the day. Make sure you choose a skincare line based on knowledge facts and results! We will provide you with all the knowledge you desire as we recommend the product line that is right for your skin. We even offer one free consultation to help you get your skin on track for non-invasive treatments.

4.       Non-invasive Treatments: Walking you through the world of non-invasive anti-aging treatments can include:

·       Neurotoxins ( like Botox) & dermal fillers:  These are cosmetic injectables, that smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 

·       Chemical peels:  These little pearls help with texture and pigment, but are not the right choice for everyone, especially if you enjoy being in the sun or can’t keep your hands off your face.

·       Facials:  A good relaxing facial is always an option, facials can be customized to any skin condition and with the addition of Hydrafacial, and nannno infusion there are so many to choose from.

·       Laser Treatments:  Lasers can target various skin concerns, such as pigment, texture, capillaries and Rosacea. Our laser is not painful and yields amazing results!

·       Microneedling:  This treatment is a collagen producing power house! After we numb the skin, we use tiny needles to stimulate collagen and elastin. We even offer our secret healing serum for use after your treatment which will help you to look healed faster!

In conclusion, I want to point out that aging is inevitable, but looking and feeling your best does not have to be compromised as we age. With a wealth of anti-aging treatments and tools we can help you age with grace and slow the hands of time. Consistency and self care are important call us to start your journey today.

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