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24 Hours in NYC

With Cedar + Hyde Mercantile

What seemed like 24 hours post the Dunton Hot Springs fall fashion shoot, the Cedar & Hyde crew were off again to take flight with an empire state of mind. It's not all work and no play when it comes to an NYC buying trip — how else do you think the family-run shop find such an eclectic array of high-quality clothing, home decor and gifts? Here's what a day in the life of Poss Lambert, owner of Cedar & Hyde, looks like back east with her crew, Christie Lambert and photographer Michelle Tippmann.

7:35 am: My alarm sounds and I bounce right out of bed toward the view from my room on the 15th floor. I’m at the Ludlow Hotel, a favorite spot in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I check my email and yesterday’s sales report. The shop had a great day! 

8:43 am: I cruise downstairs to Ludlow Coffee Supply for an iced Almond Milk Latte. My eye catches a woman who I instantly admire. She’s smoking a cigarette and clearly European, so effortlessly chic in a classic, oversized yet pristinely starched white button-down, tied in a dramatic knot that’s brilliantly paired with a banana yellow skirt. I make a mental note: “Yellow is hitting its stride!”

9:00 am: I arrive at Dry Bar where I wait 30 minutes for a blowout, but it’s absolutely worth the wait. I feel like a new woman with the charming bounce that comes from newly washed tresses! 

10:13 am: With gorgeous hair and an empty stomach, I make a quick stop at Russ & Daughters for a pumpernickel bagel. It's toasted and topped with scallion cream cheese, tomato and wasabi fish row. There’s no time to sit, so I eat it on the go. 

10:30 am: I’m back at the Ludlow for a meeting with folks from NSF Clothing. We chat about Colorado and discover we have mutual friends— so lovely!

11:15 am: I hail a cab for my next appointment — Il Bisonte, an accessories company from Italy. I can’t wait to get my hands on all that leather! 

12:03 pm: I lurk outside the Nanushka fashion show like a groupie for some fabulous people watching. 

1:10 pm: I arrive at 180 Store to view two personal favorite brands, Chimala and Lotuff. I chose to come on the right day — designers from both brands are on-site, so I engage both in discussions about their design process. My creative canteen is officially full! 

2:08 pm: I hit Franklin Street Showroom and discover a new brand: Harlin. Our customers are going to love it! 

2:47 pm: My stomach is growling — more like yelling,  so I swing by Two Hands, a great little café, for a gain bowl topped with a poached egg. I sip a glass of rosé.

3:21 pm: I arrive at Black Crane. I always love my meetings here — their space is as comfortable and calm as their clothing. 

4:06 pm: I hop a train uptown for a meeting with Amo. I take a shortcut through Union Square and happen upon a farmer’s market where I spot a former employee, Tiff. We laugh and jump and hug wildly amongst beautifully grown radishes. 

4:51 pm: It starts to rain, so I throw my jacket over my head in a tent-like formation to protect my ‘do.' I’m running while doing so-ugh! I finally arrive at Mara Hoffman and get right down to business: summer and swim! 

5:39 pm: I hop a cab for my last appointment of the day in Bryant Park with Trace Denim.

6:40 pm: I’m on a train that creeps slowly towards my next stop: dinner. I rest my eyes while on the ride. 

7:12 pm: I’m seated at Uncle Boons where I order crab fried rice and a papaya salad. I enjoy every bite. I toast to a successful day with a tamarind margarita. Totally delicious. 

9:30 pm: I arrive back at the hotel, but I don’t go to my room. I stop at the bar for a nightcap and decide to catch up on emails. I check the sales report from the shop. Another great day! 

10:34 pm: I slip into bed and call my husband. He reports that all three dogs are happy and well. 

11:42 pm: Eyes closed, dreams on!