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Natural Wellness in  CBD


Article by Jessica Fitch

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CBD is a well-known herbal supplement with a great reputation. Understood to treat various problems, it has become a recommended herbal remedy for a variety of issues. It can help patients sleep better or reduce joint pain, it can calm people with anxiety. CBD has also been said to help with weight management. Even pets can be given pet-specific CBD for separation anxiety, pain, nausea or to increase appetite.

One important question comes to mind before you buy: how do I know if it’s safe? CBD, just like any other oil product, can be made quickly and cheaply to be produced as fast as possible, but you can’t guarantee the quality of such products.

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In order to try CBD with peace of mind, one would want to find a brand recommended or even created by doctors with experience and one that only sources from areas they can guarantee the quality. Anyone should be able to clearly understand the safety of the product without much digging. One such brand meets these requirements.

The experienced physicians at Reset Now Wellness in Ellicott City first heard about CBD and its benefits several years ago. They set out to research more about the claims of its impact before recommending it to any of their clients. What they found impressed them; CBD comes from hemp and is separated from THC. CBD offers a therapeutic effect that can calm stressed minds, bodies and nerves. The testimonies of those who had tried it were promising.

These medical professionals tested for themselves and decided to create their own line of premium CBD to offer their clients. They created Serym Pro, which is named after wellness coach, Christopher Myres (Serym spelled backwards!).

Harvested in the US to guarantee the quality and safety, the hemp undergoes a rigorous extraction process to free the product of any THC and other contaminants. They now recommend it to their clients when needed and even offer it to their friends and family. If you’re still unsure of its quality, Serym Pro goes a step further; they’ll release the test analysis reports of all of their products to customers upon request.

Guaranteed quality and safety, doctor-tested and recommended, free shipping—you’re sure to have peace of mind when you try Serym Pro’s CBD products. From oils to gummies, body butters to dog treats, you’re going to want to check out their line for yourself. Visit their website at to order, or call for local delivery if you’re in the Columbia area.

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