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A Guide to Landscaping in Denver


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Your front yard is the first thing visitors see. It is essential to prioritize designing it to attract the eye of your visitors.

Many homeowners in Denver, CO, try to determine the best options for landscaping, such as adding rocks, using a variety of flowers, separating the yard using lines and water features, and so much more. One of the main things is finding the focus point of the land. However, the most important thing is to hire a professional to assist.

Whatever design you choose must complement the house too. The landscape design depends on your style. Is it Asian-inspired, ultra-contemporary, traditional, or modern?

Landscaping Companies in Denver

Denver has some of the best landscapers in the country. We know it is not easy to find a good local landscaper in Denver who will complete the project or deliver what they said. A good designer will help you draw a plot of your land, including the backyard and front yard, and will involve architects if need be.

Whether you want a water attraction or rock landscaping, you can hire a professional who will give you some good quotes and professional work. Check out Markham Landscape Company to start your great landscaping journey or Mountain State Landscaping for the best rates in town.

Landscape Design Services: Lighting, Flowers + More

Gardening designs involve much more than deciding on what to feature on the lot. Just like any other construction project, there are other things to consider before that big uplift. Garden designs may include:

Lines + Rhythm

Lines connect features and help define the outdoors. They can bring out the beauty in your residential Denver, Colorado home. For example, having a curve in your flower bed can be leading to a water point or fountain. Let the lines have a rhythm and flow.


So what do colors do? They can bring in different moods and functions in the landscaping design. Colors draw attention to the eye and create dimension. Bright colors are a favorite in many homes in Denver, such as red, yellow, orange, etc. You can work with colors to bring a variety of functions to your yard.


Great lighting is the pillar of any design. Can you ever imagine Christmas without lights? Huh! So is landscaping. Having a few unique lighting pieces will transform your backyard or your front yard to look like a five-star resort. Consider collaborating with some architects to help design the perfect landscaped garden, yard, or patio. 

Then start seeking a few contractors to install pathway lights leading up to an amazing focal point, like the rose garden. This will add an abstract view to your landscape design and requires minimum lawn care and maintenance afterward. 

There are some great contractor listings located in Denver that are worth mentioning, such as Markham Landscape, Maple Leaf Landscaping, Native Landscaping, and Nguyen Landscaping. These companies can assist with any landscape design imaginable. 


Boulders, also known as large rocks, have become a huge landscape design component in the world, especially in Denver. Rocks create a beautiful aesthetic in the yard and a long-lasting design. Whether they are colored rocks, wall rocks, waterfall rocks, stepping stones, or bedrock, all these rock ideas will set your home exterior design journey on the right path.

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Where to Find Landscaping Supplies + Materials

Landscaping materials can be a major cost in upgrading the garden. If you want quality rocks, soil, timber, pavers, and other materials, you will need the best service provider, even if it will cost more. Consider materials that are durable, pure, not harmful to the environment, and also safe for the household members.

If you are planning for a residential landscaping project, begin with finding designs and materials that complement the aesthetics of your home. First, prioritize the big stuff: removal of trees, removal of soil, changing slope, or small construction such as paths, bridges, stairs, and walkways.

Other than mere trees and bulbs, there is more to landscaping architecture. Having the right materials and equipment can turn your garden into something you can manage, depending on the design and topography of your home. In Denver, the right landscaper can also help put your mind at ease, ensuring you will get the greatest value for your cash.