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Meet Dr. Edward Buch


Article by Bridgewater City Lifestyle

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In the heart of Hillsborough, New Jersey, lies an oasis of rejuvenation and beauty, the EDB Med Spa. As Bridgewater NJ and its surrounding areas become privy to the unparalleled services and luxury treatments of this haven, the name Dr. Edward Buch reverberates with a promise of professionalism, dedication, and world-class care.

The Legacy of Service:

For over 35 years, Dr. Buch has been a pillar in the Central New Jersey community, having tirelessly served its residents and earning their trust and admiration. Today, although semi-retired, his commitment remains unwavering, with EDB Med Spa being his latest venture to ensure the community receives the best care in an environment of luxury and sophistication.

The Motivation behind EDB Med Spa:

The birth of EDB Med Spa was driven by Dr. Buch's fervent desire to serve his patients in an environment devoid of bureaucratic red tape, often associated with hospital administrations. Studies have proven that private medical establishments like clinics and surgical centers tend to run more efficiently, providing an unparalleled quality of care compared to many hospitals. At the core of EDB Med Spa is this principle: uncompromised quality and care.

Beyond Business - A Family Affair:

Dr. Buch's personal life reflects the same richness as his professional one. Happily married, with four adult children, a special needs stepdaughter, and six grandchildren, his life is a beautiful tapestry of experiences and memories. It's no wonder then that he envisions EDB Med Spa as more than just a business. It's a family. His entrepreneurial journey is characterized by the flexibility to foster a familial environment, ensuring not only patient satisfaction but also that his employees relish their work, thereby creating a positive ripple effect in their families too.

Commitment to Excellence:

In the world of cosmetic treatments, where claims about the efficacy of machines are many, EDB Med Spa stands tall in its promise. The spa doesn't merely go by lofty claims. It selects only the best quality machines that the cosmetic industry offers. For Dr. Buch, patient satisfaction isn't a mere metric; it's a testament.

Principles Over Profits:

Having navigated the challenges of opening a business in today's dynamic economy, Dr. Buch emphasizes the importance of choosing the right business partners and being hands-on with business decisions. But one advice from him stands out: never compromise on the well-being of patients. At EDB Med Spa, you'll never be nudged towards a procedure you don't need.

Beyond the Spa:

When not helming his brainchild, Dr. Buch is an avid traveler, often accompanied by his wife. A patron of the arts, he enjoys theater and comedy shows. And for those who might wonder how he maintains his vigor, his secrets lie in his gym workouts and his love for the driving range and golf.

In Dr. Edward Buch, Bridgewater NJ and its surrounding regions have not just a seasoned medical professional but a visionary whose life and business are woven with threads of integrity, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Come, experience this commitment at EDB Med Spa. For more information visit:

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