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Mountain Architecture

Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design expands into the Northwest

Article by Boise Lifestyle

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Nestled within the Rocky Mountains, Colorado and Idaho boast some of the most breathtaking mountain vistas in the country. Their architecture is as unique as the landscape itself, with a diverse range of styles that are quintessentially mountain in nature. From rustic log cabins to sleek, modern homes, there is something for everyone in the mountain architecture of Colorado and Idaho.

Chris Dwyer, an architect and Principal at Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design has a unique vision, taking into consideration the landscape and context of each area before building on it. His firm's philosophy centers around creating structures that not only look beautiful but also blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. For Dwyer, it's about more than just the appearance of the building, but the experience it creates for those who inhabit it.

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Bill Poss, CEO and Founding Partner of Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design, shares Dwyer's sentiment that the site is what leads them on their journey. The firm takes a sustainable approach to their designs, incorporating current elements and systems to create concepts that are long-lasting. Rachel Guest, Partner and Vice President of Interior Design, adds that much of what they do today speaks to sustainability, of making something last.

The Aspen, Colorado firm Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design recently expanded their market into the Northwest with an office in downtown Boise led by Dwyer, who also carries the titles of project manager and Principal. The firm boasts national and international clients across the continental U.S., with projects covering private residences, commercial buildings, and resorts.

Dwyer believes that architecture should be thoughtful, intentional, and help improve our lives. He feels that there is too much unattractive design and development that lacks thought. Instead of building something just to build something, architecture should improve our experiential lives. Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design takes this approach to a new level by incorporating sustainable and current elements and systems into their designs.

Editor's note: We are pleased to have highlighted Chris Dwyer in a recent Inspirational Men of Idaho feature.

Dwyer's careful and thoughtful approach to building is one that sets his firm apart from the rest. His unique philosophy has the potential to transform the way we think about building and development. As he puts it, "The level of design and expectation of design needs to continue and improve." With architects like Dwyer and firms like Poss Architecture + Planning and Interior Design leading the way, we can look forward to more thoughtful, intentional, and sustainable designs that improve our lives and blend seamlessly with the environment around us.