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2Tarts Bakery

A Tale of Sisterhood, Community, and Irresistible Treats at 2Tarts Bakery

In the heart of New Braunfels, Texas, a charming local bakery named 2Tarts has been enchanting customers since its establishment in 2010. Owned by sisters April Ryan and Ashley Landerman, this bakery is more than just a place to satisfy your sweet tooth – it's a testament to the power of family, community involvement, and the farm-to-table movement.

A Shared Passion for Food and Family

Born foodies, April and Ashley's love for culinary delights was nurtured from a young age. Growing up, food, made with love, was at the center of their family gatherings and church potlucks. After pursuing individual paths in the food service industry across the country, the sisters serendipitously found themselves back in New Braunfels, eager to create something special for their beloved hometown.

"We knew that supporting local farmers and producers was the best way to create high-quality pastries," shared the sisters, emphasizing their dedication to the farm-to-table movement. From pecans from Seguin to milk from Waco, 2Tarts Bakery takes pride in featuring artisanal ingredients sourced from the community.

The Sweet Taste of Success

In 2019, the bakery's reputation reached new heights when Ashley Landerman participated in and won the prestigious Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge. "It was just so exciting to represent New Braunfels on a national stage," Ashley shared, "The experience was humbling, and the response from our customers was overwhelming. Our phone was ringing off the hook because everyone wanted to try what I had made on the show, the gouda shortbread in particular."

A Leadership Rooted in Community

Beyond their culinary talents, April's passion for promoting local businesses and community engagement has become a vital part of 2Tarts Bakery's identity. From the very beginning, the sisters became active members of the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce and the New Braunfels Downtown Association, gaining valuable insights and tools for success that they have since shared with aspiring entrepreneurs.

"As a servant leader, I know how important it is to step up and help solve the challenges we all face," said April, who also serves on the Spark Small Business Center Board as Vice Chair and actively participates in various committees that champion small businesses and their positive impact on communities. Not stopping there, April also answered the call to run for City Council, eager to contribute her expertise as a small business owner to tackle big-picture issues in her community.

Creativity and Community: A Perfect Union

With April's fine arts background, she brings an artistic eye and meticulous attention to detail to 2Tarts Bakery's bridal and design department. The bakery's stunning desserts have earned features in national wedding blogs and magazines, making every occasion an unforgettable and editorial-worthy experience.

A Giving Spirit: Fostering Community

Community involvement is deeply ingrained in 2Tarts Bakery's values. The sisters actively donate to local nonprofits such as Community in Schools and the New Braunfels Public Library Foundation. Additionally, they actively contribute to the planning and execution of community events like Wassailfest and Dia de los Muertos Festival, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared joy.

The Journey Ahead

With over a decade of experience in business, April and Ashley remain dedicated to their shared vision for 2Tarts Bakery. "We are still striving to stay creative and add new flavors and products for our customers," said the sisters, tantalizingly hinting at exciting projects and announcements on the horizon.

In the heart of New Braunfels, 2Tarts Bakery weaves a tale of sisterhood, community, and the joy of crafting delectable delights. As the bakery continues to thrive and evolve, one thing remains constant – the love they pour into every pastry and the warmth they share with every customer.

"We knew that supporting local farmers and producers was the best way to create high-quality pastries"