3 Biohacks to Try Now

Effective low-tech hacks to level up.

We found some of the most effective and straightforward biohacking techniques to help you optimize your energy, strength, and mental clarity. Make one, or all a habit to be the best version of yourself each day. 

Contrasting Showers: Rotate 20 seconds of cold water exposure with 10 seconds of hot water X10. Exposure to cold therapy causes mitochondrial biogenesis (increases mitochondria in your cells). More mitochondria equal greater amounts of energy and an overall boost to your metabolism. Contrasting exposure also increases circulation and helps wake your brain.

Earthing/Grounding: Our environment can overload us with positive ions that can negatively affect our health and wellbeing. Earth has a negative charge and when we connect with the earth (walking barefoot), we discharge our excess energy and enable healing effect at the cellular level.

Gratitude for Better Sleep: Sleep is the ultimate biohack that resets the brain. Practicing gratitude before sleep will slow and anchor the mind to the present moment and deactivate any lingering fight-or-flight response from the day. 

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