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The Beauty and Responsibility of Live Edge Furniture

Article by Kimber Patterson

Photography by Impact Imports

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

In live edge furniture, the original gnarled shape of the edge of a tree beneath its bark is not sawed off, but carefully preserved for a raw look. Natural edges retain the unique personality of the tree, so each piece is a work of art. Live edge slabs are used as serving trays, bowls, dining tables, desks, bathroom vanities, and even kitchen island countertops.  Many who appreciate live edge products are also committed to purchasing wood that has been sustainably harvested.

Costa Rica created a tracking system where only selective cutting on private land is allowed to ensure the sustainability of their wood slabs. The current deforestation rate in Costa Rica is 0%, with the current total land surface of covered forest at 52% and growing.  The success of their system has reversed the decline of its forests, something the nation takes very seriously. 

Drew and Suzanne McDaniel, owners of Impact Imports in Boise, are similarly committed. They are proud to sell legally and sustainably harvested live edge wood slabs, and visited their Costa Rican supplier to see the process with their own eyes. “We import several different species from Costa Rica, primarily Monkeypod and Parota,” Drew explained. “We also inspected their ability to consistently kiln dry the wood slabs,” he says.  “Our climate is so dry, any wood slab which isn’t kiln dried will eventually crack or twist in our environment.”

As the premier Treasure Valley importer, they have installed custom pieces in some of the finest homes and commercial spaces throughout Idaho, including Wood River and Valley Counties.  “The majority of our custom orders are for dining tables and bar tops,” says Drew.  “With so many people now working from home, we’ve also seen an increase in orders for natural edge wood slab desks.”  Some of their creative pieces have included headboards, wall art, barn doors, bathroom vanities and entertainment shelves.  Waterfall and resin-filled tables are also popular as the style works in both traditional and modern interiors.

They create custom furniture for residential and commercial spaces alike. “One of our more recent projects was building 28 tables for the beautiful new Coa de Jima restaurant in downtown Boise,” Drew said, “including a large round dining table measuring 75” in diameter that seats eight to ten people.”

Impact Imports has been commissioned to build many unique and diverse projects over the years, including shelving and fireplace mantels, coffee tables, console tables and side tables.  “We also sell locally harvested and kiln dried hard wood slabs,” says Drew.  Just in case you have a project of your own.

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