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3 Tips for Decluttering Your Home


Article by Allie Flurer

Photography by Allie Flurer

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate your belongings. Decluttering your home can feel like a daunting task, but I hope with these few tips you can find the process a little easier!

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1. Identify Your Problem Areas + Tackle One At A Time

Likely you have a few areas or types of items in your home that feel the most cluttered to you. Common areas include kitchenware, knickknacks, books, clothing, and toys. 

To start, select the top three areas in your home. Pick one area to tackle in a weekend. Evaluate each item that falls within the category you select. For example, if kitchenware is a problem area for you go through every item on your countertop, in the pantry, and in each cabinet and drawer. Be realistic with yourself when evaluating each item. These are the questions I usually ask myself: Do I use it? Do I find it beautiful? If I answered yes to either of the questions I will usually keep the item. If not I will either donate the item, sell it to someone locally, recycle it, or throw it away if it is no longer usable. 

Do this for each area you previously identified. You don't have to rush the process; you could do it over the course of a few months.

2. Edit What is Displayed in Your Home

Now that you have decluttered your main problem areas, I would encourage you to edit what is displayed in your home. I find that keeping fewer items on counters, dressers, and shelves is key to making a space feel less cluttered. Try only keeping out items you love to look at or use daily. Find designated homes for everything else in a drawer, basket, or cabinet. 

I love to corral smaller items like jewelry or trinkets onto trays to make what you do have displayed feel intentional. Baskets are another great way to store items that you use everyday that looks pretty at the same time. 

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3. Continually Revaluate

Once you have initially decluttered your space it is important to continually revaluate or it is easy to fall back to where you started! I like to keep a donation box in our basement. A few times a year I will go through the areas that I know are problems for us; kitchen ware, decor items, and clothing. If any items we no longer need or use are in good enough shape to donate I will add them to the box and take the box to a local donation center once it is filled. This really helps our home stay clutter free! 

I hope you find these simple tips helps for decluttering your home!

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