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3 Ways to Curate a Closet Like the Pros


Article by Hayley Hyer

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How many hours of your life do you spend trying on clothes? You often do you try on a bunch of outfits, throw your clothes in a pile and have to hang everything back up? It's overwhelming when you think about it!

You can cut down the amount of time you spend each day picking out your clothes by intentionally curating your closet. Get rid of the clothes that don't fit you right and stop wasting your time trying them on. Donate or sell whatever you don't regularly wear to open up space for the pieces you do love.

Here are 3 tips from the pros to get you started!

1. Closet Audit

"A yearly closet audit is smart and important for three reasons: It’s an effective way to eliminate unwanted clothing and accessories; it helps to reorganize the items you wear and makes you feel good, and it allows you to put together a list of items you need that can be paired with those timeless pieces that you’ll keep for a while."

—Julie E. Furnas

2. Chaos in Your Closet

"Whether it’s a walk-in the size of a New York City studio or comparable to a kitchen pantry, the closet serves as both the bliss and bane of our daily routines. It holds so much of what makes us happy and feel good: that red wrap dress that looks fabulous against your skin tone and the silky sleeveless shell that easily goes day-to-night. But there’s also the skin-tight mini you haven't worn since 2013, and those space-hogging sweater dresses that hope to make another appearance."

—Georgann Yara

3. Overhaul Your Closet

"To me, styling never feels like work no matter how many long hours I put in. I see styling as building authentic human connections and as a result creates something that is immeasurable. Whether it’s bringing out inner confidence in a client or collaborating on a creative idea, I envision my styling as its own personal masterpiece."

—Melanie Todd

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