Indoor Cycling Myths, Debunked


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Article by Bryna Podwoiski, Owner

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Top Indoor Cycling Myths

Have you ever wanted to take a CycleBar class but talked yourself out of it? Here are some common myths we want to debunk. You can take control of your life, you can do an indoor cycling class, and you can have the mental and physical strength you have always dreamed of!

1. I’m Not Fit Enough To Take A Class. We hear this all the time, and you don’t have to be in shape to take a class. All classes are modifiable for all fitness and experience levels. If you can pedal a bike, you can do an indoor cycling class. Period. It’s that simple.

2. Performance Anxiety / I’ll Stand Out / Everyone Will Watch Me. One of our Core values at CycleBar is Community. We are a supportive community of all types, shapes and sizes of individuals, and we all started off scared to take our first ride. Our staff is here to greet you at the door, get you fitted properly with shoes and setup safely on the bike and walk you through it all. Our members love cycling so much they will most likely ask you if you need any help or if you have any questions after class. We are a family and will welcome you with open arms. Plus, it’s dark in the studio! No one will be watching you, even if they wanted to!

3. It’s Too Hard / I Might Die. All our classes can be modified for any fitness and experience level. You control how fast you pedal, what resistance you set your bike at and what choreography or sprints you do. This is about self-improvement, so no matter where you start, your goal is to just keep improving.

4. It’s Too Expensive. Our unlimited membership is available for less than $3/day. $3/day! We have affordable packages for those that need flexibility for less than $10 a ride. Shoes, lockers, chilled filtered water and towels are always available free of charge. And ask yourself this, how much is your mental and physical health worth? It should be a lot more than your daily cup of coffee.

5. I Have No Time. Life is busy. Self-care is important. We are all given 24 hours in a day, so it’s up to you how you spend it, and with early morning, night and weekend classes, we have time slots to fit even the busiest of schedules. Commit to yourself like you do your other social, family and business commitments.

6. I Can’t Do Choreo. Most CycleBar classes do incorporate basic choreograph moves such as arm dips or tap backs. However, we don’t do crazy dance moves on the bike – it’s not safe! We incorporate simple moves that are challenging and add to a full-body workout but are always optional. We will never call you out for not taking part. In fact, we encourage you to trust your body and only do what feels right for you!

7. It’s Going To Be Just Another Exercise Class. With our state-of-the-art Cycle Theater, kick-ass sound system and amazing instructors, you won’t find anything like this in the Boro. Indoor Cycling is all we do! Our extreme AC unit keeps the studio chilled (65 dgrees… brrr) and air exchanged every 6 minutes. Our instructors curate new playlists EVERY SINGLE CLASS plus add in fun theme rides every month. Wine Down Wednesday, Hip Hop Happy Hour, Morning Brew, plus we have fun events and challenges every month to keep you motivated and looking forward to your work out.

8. Gyms Are Dirty. They are!! Good news, we are not a gym. We clean everything for you after every class so you can get on with your busy life, but antibacterial wipes are always available for those who want that extra sense of security. We installed a Remi Halo UV Air Purification System and have had independent testing, receiving the highest clean ratings from Genminator Nashville (we scored 17 vs unacceptable of 100… and most gyms tested were over 2,500). We are the cleanest studio in the Boro!

9. I Have Injuries. Listen to your doctor! Many of them will actually recommend indoor cycling as it is a low impact, high-intensity exercise that is easy on your joints and a perfect fit for those recovering from many injuries. We even have instructor and riders that rode all thorough their pregnancy. All classes are modifiable to provide a safe and healthy experience.

10. The Instructors Are Too Intense. This simply isn’t true for us! We train our instructors to motivate but respect you. To push you out of your comfort zone while respecting boundaries in a safe place. You will never be called out for not participating and they truly care about your success – whatever that means to you! They will support you inside the studio as well as outside. We are a family and we will welcome you with open arms. Some might be a little louder than others but we all have those friends.

11. It’s Just For Girls. While are classes are mostly women, men do make up 15% of our members. We have a number of partners that ride together and we also have one or two unofficial nights that “the boys” tend to all come and ride together.

We get it. Walking into a room of unknowns is scary, but you are strong and you can do an indoor cycling class! All things equal, adding just one or two classes a week, you will see a change both mentally and physically. You will get stronger with every ride. We hope that this eases some of your fears and would love to have you come try a class. If you have any questions we are a text, phone call or email away. Plus, your first ride is always FREE.

Ride a bike, it could change your life! But you’ll never know unless you give try it. 

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