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Guide to Contractors in Washington D.C.


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One of the busiest cities in the United States is the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Most of the construction happening in Washington, D.C. include commercialized remodeling or new construction on several of the streets.

Because of the constant growth and changes in the area, there is a heavy demand for contractors across the city. With the different coding requirements and standards put in place at the federal level, each construction site has to be able to pass inspection and be constructed by the appropriate contractor.

Many times, there are different contractors working on the same project, but they are needed to complete different services. Below are the types of contractors you can find in the Washington, D.C. area regularly. 

General Contractors in D.C.

The highest in demand contractors across D.C. are general contractors. They are hired often for a variety of projects and work in conjunction with other contractors to see a complete project by a posted deadline.

While many of these employees who work with these contractors have diversified skill sets, there are still requirements for specialized contractors like HVAC and electrical contractors. These contractors are the ones that you call first, however, when you start your construction in the D.C. area. 

Remodeling Contractors to Update Any Room

If you are making remodeling changes to an existing home, then remodeling contractors are the best contractors to call for your needs.

Whether it is a basement going from storage to a living space or a kitchen and bathroom upgrade, you need the industry experts. With many buildings in the D.C. area being older and renovated, these contractors have experience with the remodeling of many building styles and can better guide you on your remodeling project.

They are experienced with flooring replacement and know how to tackle that project in any remodel. 

Roofing Contractors: From Gutter to Chimney

Over time, the roof on your home will start to wear due to sun exposure, snowy winters, and general wear and tear in the area.

If you need a roof replacement or just a roof repair for your home, contact one of the roofing contractors specifically for this job. They know exactly what materials are needed and how to do the repair properly to prolong the life of your roof.

Primary Siding Contractors

If you would like to upgrade the siding on your home from wood to vinyl or another material, reach out to those contractors with siding experience.

Being able to properly remove the existing siding and applying the new siding is important to keep your home safe over the days it may take to complete this job. You can choose from a number of siding options, which these contractors have experience applying. 

Painting Contractors: Add Some Color to Your Home

One of the most intensive tasks on any construction site is painting. Whether it is the exterior of your home or the rooms inside, painting is tedious and requires hours of manual labor. Trying to do this and get it right is hard to do with non-professionals.

Leave the stress and hard work to painting contractors who have experience and the tools to properly paint your home and the rooms within without damaging the floor or furniture within. 

HVAC Contractors: Keeping You Comfortable

Your HVAC system is essential for the comfort of your home.

With cold winters and hot summers, the D.C. area needs a lot of help when it comes to maintaining the temperature within your home.

If you believe something may be wrong with your HVAC system or would like a new one installed, you should reach out to an HVAC contractor specifically to come out and make these repairs. The heating and cooling mechanical system require the services of someone who knows what they are looking at and can help you use that air conditioning during the summer months. 

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Safety Comes First with Electrical Contractors

When it is time to wire up your new home or add wiring to your newly remodeled area, you should call in the electrical experts to your home. These contractors are able to update old wiring that you may have in an older building or add new wiring to a section of your home.

In order to maintain your safety and those around you, electricity comes with wiring requirements for safety insurance. This is why electrical contractors are essential for these services. 

Plumbing Contractors That Won’t Let You Down

Any time you add a new sink to your home or bathroom area, you should call in the plumbing contractors.

They can tell you exactly where you can place these new plumbing systems and connect them to the existing plumbing in your home. These contractors are also essential for the new construction of your home or property to ensure that the plumbing can match the blueprints of the home. 

Drywall + Insulation Contractors: The Hidden + Visible

When the walls start to go up in your new Washington, D.C. home, the drywall and insulation contractors will come into the home and start applying them throughout.

They will make sure that each room is properly insulated and that you have the right size drywall to maintain this temperature from room to room. 

Sculpting + Pouring: Concrete + Masonry Contractors

For homes that are looking for all brick siding, these Masonry contractors are essential to ensure that the brick pattern on your home is correct and properly applied. Being able to manipulate the bricks is a skill set that only select contractors have.

This is also true for concrete since this is big in paving projects, making driveways and parking areas on your property. 

Contractors Focusing on Gardening + Landscaping Design

Once your new home can be completed, it is time to call in the landscaping contractors for the lawn construction. Feel free to add a fence, deck, or even a pool to your home and have it done professionally through the services of these contractors.

They are also able to maintain your lawn and provide the ornamental bushes and shrubbery around your home for a finished look. 

Make Your Call Today

No matter what type of construction or building you have in Washington, D.C.,there is a contractor available to assist you with your service needs and guarantee that the project is done correctly.

Feel free to call around to several of the different contractors throughout the city to determine the best level of expertise for what you need and what fits your budget.