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The Old and the New


Article by Dr. Anthony Cutting

Photography by Dr. Anthony Cutting

In today's culture there is tremendous value and emphasis on on what is brand new. Like the newest iPhone, there is an unspoken assumption that the newest thing must be the best.  

 However, there is a concept that was created by bestselling author Nassim Nicholas Taleb called the Lindy Effect. This states that the longer something has been around, the more value it has and the longer it is likely to last into the future - the opposite of the “newer is better” mantra. A powerful judge of value it turns out, is time.

 Understanding the Lindy Effect may demonstrate that chiropractic’s future is brighter even than we thought. Various publications describe historical accounts of skilled workers’ manual correction of the spine to improve health. An article in the authoritative journal Spine in 1996 describes texts from as long as 5500 years ago that contain references to what would be considered early versions of chiropractic:

“(Manual forces) to correct spinal deformity is a very old concept. The oldest reference available is in ancient texts between 3500 BC and 1800 BC.”

In 1931, when Dr. Thurman Fleet developed the Zone Therapy of Chiropractic, he drew upon the original principles of Chiropractic, yet discovered a more comprehensive approach to balance the brain and nervous system, leading to healing result going beyond those achieved by correcting spinal bony deformity. 

The principles of Zone Therapy have stood the test of time almost 100 years later. As millions of people over thousands of years have tried to solve the riddle of how to best maximize their health, for themselves, their families, and their communities, much innovation has occurred, leading to amazing advances in medicine that are also incredibly valuable.  

 However, combining the best of the new while not losing sight of the old, can lead to far better healing results than simply staying "stuck in the past" or "always chasing the new shiny object" or "next best thing".

  This is the approach we believe allows us to serve you all at the highest level-blending the timeless healing principles of the Zone Technique with powerful new technology such as the Class IV Laser and Allcore360. With gratitude for the past and an open mind to the future, we will continue to help you be your best and live your best!

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