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Brilliant Dentistry


Article by David Scheller

Photography by Brilliant Dentistry

Dr. Kevin Bril loves his field of medicine. He would enthusiastically discuss its finer points with anyone who would understand (or at least politely entertain) the conversation. That’s to be expected of an alumnus of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

But in a sense, Dr. Bril views his medicine as a means to an end. He didn’t start Brilliant Dentistry just so he could practice dentistry. He founded his Eden Prairie dental clinic because he wants to change people’s lives.

“An all-new set of teeth. A face that looks ten years younger. Relief from sleep apnea, or TMJ,” said Dr. Bril. “Whether you want just one or several life-changing treatments, I’m here to provide them with modern dentistry’s state-of-the-art techniques and technology.”

General dentistry is only the beginning of Dr. Bril’s services. As a cosmetic dentist, he can change the position, shape, size and color of your teeth until they all conform to your vision for a beautiful smile. As a physiologic dentist, he can perform the surgery you need to bid farewell to painful TMJ forever. As an implant dentist, he can build the foundation that will replace any number of lost or missing teeth. As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Bril can gently alter your jaws, teeth and facial muscles. And as a sedation dentist, he can perform any dental procedure while you are fully and safely anesthetized.

“We recently treated a patient who spent years suffering from TMJ and migraine,” said Dr. Bril. “She had been to multiple neurologists, although none of them could find anything wrong with her. She was missing work. Losing money. Not living up to her potential. Desperate for anything that could restore her quality of life.

“Within two days of her visit to Brilliant Dentistry, every single one of her symptoms had vanished. Imagine that: we were able to give her life back to her simply by changing her teeth.

“Even when it’s purely cosmetic, dental care is no less transformative. Some of my patients have aged to a point where their original teeth are irreparable. Some of my patients have lost several of their teeth because of an accident. Others just aren’t satisfied with the appearance of their teeth for any number of other reasons. I give all of them the confidence that can only come from having a brilliant smile.

“I call it concierge dentistry: truly individualized care that achieves each patient’s goal in the fewest appointments possible. It’s about much more than oral health. It’s about emotional health – doing everything in a dentist’s power to help people find happiness and live without discomfort.”

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