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Make Your Room a Sanctuary


Article by Michelle Lella

Photography by Michelle Lella

I have been planning to redecorate my room for years. It wasn't until lately that I actually had the time and motivation. I finally realized that your room is not somewhere you just go to sleep at night but a place where you can find beauty and tranquility.

So the question is how? How do you make your room somewhere where you truly want to be and can relax in a welcoming space? I've laid out some tips that have helped me reinvent my bedroom and hope they can inspire you!

  1. Decorate your room with things you love. I'm a huge fan of flowers (fake and real), so you'll see I've used flowers as accents and even invested in a floral bedspread! Highly recommend ordering some fake flowers online and hanging them on the wall for a breath of fresh air to your room.
  2. Get creative and think outside of the box! Something that I have never tried is stick-on wallpaper so I took the plunge and bought some a polka dot sheets from Target. Such a fun and successful project! My fav brand is RoomMates and can be found online at Amazon, Target and Home Depot.
  3. Invest in beautiful prints to decorate bare walls. I highly recommend checking out local artists in your area (lots of online sites) to add some color to your room.
  4. Update your bedspread. This is a super easy and affordable way to add some new life to your bedroom and mix things up. I found my floral spread from the home section online at H&M and there are so many inexpensive and unique options.
  5. Collect cute and random trinkets that can be put on shelves and add some personality throughout your room. Poshmark also has a home section and have found some great pieces that are from older seasons at Anthropologie that make me smile every time I look at them.

Hope these tricks can help spark some creativity and help you cultivate the bedroom of your dreams! Happy decorating!