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Outdoor Planters Shopping Guide


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Many of us have sprouted green thumbs this year. As our plant collections grow, we may be running out of indoor space! Continue your greenery into your outdoor spaces, such as your front steps or porch and your backyard deck or patio with an array of interesting planters. From planters that hang overhead to giant ceramic pots and regal urns, here's a shopping guide to help you discover which planters you like best for your outdoor spaces.

Hanging Planters

These are ideal for plants like heartleaf philodendron, golden or silver pothos, ferns and ivy. Hang them from your front porch for a welcoming first impression or from your balcony to create a lovely atmosphere.

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These heavy duty planters can withstand high winds and rambunctious children and pets running around them. Set them on your front steps or on your backyard patio. You can plant tropical trees, cacti and succulents, delicate flowers—whatever you'd like! Just keep in mind that if the plants need to be moved indoors during the winter that these pots are quite heavy.

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If you're going for a more formal, regal look, urns are the way to go. Plant perfectly manicured shrubbery or colorful flowers in them and set them on either side of your front door for a grand entrance.

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Window Boxes

Decorate your house with adorable window boxes filled with bright flowers or lush greenery. If you're going for quaint cottage vibes, window boxes are perfect for achieving this look.