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How to Create a Wedding Website


Article by Kaylee Mitchell

Photography by Lacey Rene Studios

Wedding planning can be stressful. As your to-do list grows, the thought of creating a wedding website can seem too challenging and time-consuming. Fear not—I discovered a way to publish a stylish, customizable wedding website—for free!—in no time at all.

While The Knot and Zola are popular choices, I found that they lack the tools to create a truly unique site that reflects you and your spouse to-be. By using Wix, I was able to create my dream wedding site that looks beautiful and professional—as if I paid a pro to do it.

The Benefits of Creating a Wedding Site

If you're still not convinced that you need to make a wedding website, here are just a few of the benefits I've found while planning my big day.

It Saves You $$$ - Manage Guest List

By doing a digital RSVP, this saves you $$$ on postage for those pesky paper RSVPs that no one sends back. Wix allows you to view who has RSVP'd through its mobile app, which sends you a notification when someone responds. You have a quick way to manage your guest list so if cousin Larry is bringing a date, you will know.

Connect with Your Guests

Your wedding website allows you to share your love story, proposal details and, most importantly, your wedding hashtag: #DraiseyinLove. I also added a gallery of our engagement photos, so our friends and family can see the entire session.

Wait, Where is the Venue? I Forgot a Gift!

It's happened to me, and it's probably happened to you. You're en route to the ceremony, but you left the paper invitation on the counter! Luckily, the venue's address and other vital info—like the couple's registry and hotel accommodations—is easily accessible on your wedding site.

How to Create Your Dream Wedding Website on Wix

Step 1: Get Inspired

I wanted to have a cohesive look for all of my wedding details, so I took inspiration from my Save the Dates and invitations and applied it to my website. Ideally, you'll want to have your site finished first so you can include the link on your Save the Dates.

Step 2: Choose a Template

Wix has tons of templates to choose from! It doesn't have to match exactly what you want—remember, Wix lets you customize your site—but it should resemble the general idea you're going for. I chose Belle Weddings, Wedding Planner Template.

Step 3: Map Out Your Site

Decide which pages or "tabs" you'd like to include. I chose Our Story, Wedding Party, RSVP, Registry, and Accommodations. Remember to KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Don't overwhelm your guests with too much information.

Step 4: Add Photos, Words + Creative Touches

Now that you've chosen your template and mapped out your site, you can start to make the site truly yours. Upload photos from your engagement session and photos of the wedding party. Add links to your registries and nearby accommodations. Include venue details and set up your RSVP page.

Step 5: Set Up the RSVP Page

Wix makes it easy to add an RSVP page to your site. Follow the simple instructions here.

Step 6: Publishing Your Site + Pro Tip

Once your site is looking gorgeous, click the blue "Publish" button at the top right corner. Voila!

Here's my little trick of the trade for creating a custom URL for 99 cents!

My actual wedding site URL is—who's going to remember that??! I wanted something clean and simple, so guests can easily find it.

Simply Google "99 cent domain GoDaddy" and select the corresponding link. You can then purchase your wedding domain for just 99 cents and have the domain redirect your guest to your Wix site without having to upgrade from the free version you are using.

Now that your site is published, you can include the link on your Save the Dates!

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If you're still looking for vendors, here is the list of businesses I chose for my big day.

Did you make your wedding website using Wix? I'd love to see it! Send me the link on Instagram @kayleekmitchell