Should I Use an AC Zoning System?


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You love your current air conditioning system and all the comfort and control it provides — especially in this scorching North Texas heat. But even you know it’s sometimes too much to expect one thermostat to provide perfect airflow and conditions in every room. Perhaps your master bedroom is always too hot in the summer, or your living room is always freezing in the winter. Maybe you have unoccupied areas that do not need as much air conditioning as others. This is where having an AC zoning system may be a good option.


An ac zoning system uses several thermostats and zone dampers installed into the duct system to divide your home into zones or sections. By installing a thermostat in each zone, you’re essentially controlling each zone’s heating and cooling needs separately — resulting in greater flexibility and comfort control for the entire family.


Imagine turning the temperature up in rooms nobody uses without impacting the rest of the house. Imagine controlling the upstairs temperatures separately from the downstairs.


This is all possible with an AC zoning system.


Consumer Reports came out with its top list of 2023 programmable thermostats here.


Benefits of switching to an AC zoning system for your home:


•    Total home comfort, particularly in multi-story houses where temperatures vary from room to room

•    No more arguing amongst family members over what’s a comfortable temperature

•    Customization — push heat or AC directly to specific rooms or zones that need it most

•    Reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 30% (lower HVAC bills)

•    Quieter heating and cooling


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In case you were wondering, a quality AC zoning system can be installed using multiple HVAC units or a single unit. For single-unit set-ups, dampers would be installed into the ductwork to block and redirect heated and cooled air where it is needed most.


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