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Try These 3 Facials for Spring


Article by Elizabeth Ambs

Photography by Monette Wagner

Spring cleaning is no longer confined to simply organizing a closet or pantry. Spring marks a new season to look at your whole routine and evaluate where you need to refresh a habit or two.

After the drier winter months, your skin may be feeling dull and sluggish. Has it been before the holiday rush since your last facial? It's time for a much needed reset!

At The Village Spa, we specialize in nourishing the skin's barrier and understanding what facials are appropriate for the time of year. Here are our picks for what types of treatments to look for when booking your spa visit this spring:

1) Hydrodermabrasion for a Deep Clean

If you’ve heard of microdermabrasion, but haven’t tried a facial incorporating hydrodermabrasion technology, then you’re missing out. Hydrodermabrasion differs in that it is a gentler exfoliation method while also providing a suction that extractions and cleanses the pores. In addition, it also infuses a hydrating serum into the skin, resulting in that soft-after glow.

While rosacea and sensitive skin types typically can’t tolerate a traditional microdermabrasion, all skin types and ages can benefit from a hydrodermabrasion. When you think "spring cleaning," this facial delivers that deep pore cleansing.

*Experience in our Hydroglow Facial

2) Dermaplaning Enhanced with a Lactic Peel

Dermaplaning is popular for a reason. It’s that treatment that not only removes the vellus hair (aptly nicknamed peach fuzz), but it also makes the skin a smoother canvas and evens tone. 

It’s a great treatment to have performed year-round, and we think that pairing it with a lactic peel is the perfect combination for the upcoming warmer months. In the list of alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acid stands out as it is both brightening and very hydrating. The treatment will yield great results without you having to worry about any downtime before a spring break trip or Mother’s Day brunch.

Most skin types can handle dermaplaning followed by a lactic peel, but consult your esthetician to see if it’s the right fit for you.

*Experience in our Dermaplane Facial + Lactic Peel Boost add-on

3) Facials with Gua Sha Stone Massage

During the pandemic, everyone was clamoring to look for ways to treat themselves at home. Gua sha stones became widely popular thanks to viral videos on TikToks and Reels. 

Gua sha stones make for great massage tools in a facial as they can be used in a way that perfectly contours the various part of the face. The stone’s natural cool temperature feels soothing on the face as it is massaged. It also increases circulation and drains congested lymph nodes. A gua sha facial will give you both results and relaxation this spring.

*Experience in our Spring Sculpting facial

Are you looking for a day spa here in Carmel? Located in The Village of Westclay, The Village Spa has been providing facial treatments since 2015. Book an appointment to experience our 5-star rated day spa.