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Easter Basket Ideas


Article by Emily Thibault

Photography by Atelier Photography (Amy Galliher)

Easter is only a few weeks away, which means it's time to start thinking about Easter baskets! Normally I'd head to the Target One Spot or Amazon and after a couple of clicks have everything I'd need to throw together adorable baskets. However, if the last year has taught us anything - it's that we cannot take our small businesses for granted. I want to be intentional with where I spend my dollars and practice what I preach, support local! Plus I give allll the kudos (and dollars) to these side hustlin' Mamas!

Kansas City has such an amazing pool of talented makers - so it was an absolute treat to seek out those that make unbelievable kids' goodies to include in their Easter baskets this year. Everything you see in these baskets is locally made!

There is most certainly a little something for everyone. Sweet tooth? We've got ya covered with chocolate bunnies (personalized - because if it ain't moving monogram it!), sugar cookie bunnies (again personalized), as well as chocolate cake pops that you must take at least 10 photos of before eating. Crafty? Check out the adorable art kits and sensory kits that will keep your kiddos entertained longer than an episode of Cocomelon. Don't forget the - wait for it - personalized (are you sensing a theme here?), crayon letters + the cutest Easter-themed chalk. Feelin fancy? Necklaces + bow ties get all the heart eyes.

The little details are what get me every time, including the Easter Bunny name tags. So get your orders in early, and give them a follow on social—you won't regret it.

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Wee Create Art Kits

Customizable art and DIY kits for kids of all ages. Their projects are designed to encourage creative freedom and expression, while developing age appropriate abilities like gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and social interactions. Children are gently guided through the use of different art materials without the emphasis of a final product.

FB: Wee Create KC // IG: @weecreateart

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Craftology DIY Color T-Shirts

All hand-made items. Crinkle Tag Toys, Baby Blankets, Crib Sheets, Burp Cloths, Pacifier Clips, and much more! This is more than a hobby, it's a passion - making special, unique items.

FB: Craftology // IG: @craftologyks

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Kat's Confections Bunny Sugar Cookies

Personalized sugar cookies + all things sweet.

FB: Kat's Confections // IG: @kats_confections33

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Crayon Letters KC

KC’S first and original handmade crayon + shapes.

FB: Crayon Letters KC // IG: @crayonletterskc

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Lemon Squeezy Sensory Kits

Made-to-order sensory kits. Kits come with homemade, non-toxic, scented sensory dough and sensory items to match the theme. A great activity for your child that is helping them learn, grow and develop AND to give you some moments of peace. Pick your favorite theme! No instructions needed. Let their imaginations run wild. Trust us. (Plus free shipping!!!!)

FB: KC Lemon Squeezy // IG: @kclemonsqueezy

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Sparkles & Sugar Cake Pops

Custom made cakes, macarons and heart pops.

FB: Sparkles and Sugar // IG: @sparklesandsugar_

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Chalk Hearts KC

Custom pieces of chalk including names, initials, or favorite shape! Half of all sales are donated to local children’s charities in the greater Kansas City area.

IG: @chalkheartskc

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Flocking Good Designs Bunny Tags

Everything here is intentionally thoughtful, fun, compassionate, and humorous. Bringing you decor, parties & gifts! Custom orders as well as ready to purchase items.

FB: Flocking Good Designs // IG: @flockinggooddesigns

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Hazel & Ollie Accessories

Hand made goods for kiddos (and grown-ups). Spreading joy one piece of jewelry at a time!

FB: Hazel & Ollie // IG: @hazelandollie

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Laura Little's Chocolate Bunnies

The finest in fudge and candy, made the old fashioned way.

FB: Laura Little's Candy // IG: @lauralittlesfudge

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A HUGE THANK YOU to The Vintage House in OP for allowing us to take photos in your incredible and charming space. It is the perfect place to host your bridal showers, baby showers, or any small get together!

FB: The Vintage House // IG: @vintagehouse7612

All photography by Atelier Photography (Amy Galliher), KCMO/Lawrence, KS based photographer specializing in singles/couples photos, engagements, family, & event photography.

IG: @atelier_amykc

Styled by: @socialightkc