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Karin Ross Designs with Love and Care


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Karin Ross Designs

Karin Ross wants you to fall in love with your home again.

If you feel like your kitchen or bathroom needs a refresh, Karin Ross Designs is the place to go. She's a European designer with insane attention to detail and a high level of care.

In 2019, her company Karin Ross Designs was awarded the Guildmaster gold award for customer service, as well as the Heartland silver award from the American Society of Interior Designers in both the kitchen design and bathroom design categories.

A Company Built by Love

Karin’s achievements are no surprise—when you see her work, you know instantly what sets her apart. Karin truly loves each job she works on and treats her clients like a dear friend.

She and her husband, Nick, began Karin Ross Designs together in Kansas City with her as the designer and him as the general contractor.

“The love of working together, being together and creating beautiful spaces created Karin Ross Designs,” she says. “Everything we create together embraces our passion for stunning new kitchens or master bathrooms that will serve our customers for years to come.”

It’s All in the Details

How does Karin get it right each time? She listens to her clients and pays attention to every single detail. Plus, Nick is right there as well, and they communicate together to make sure you are all on the same page and they have an exact understanding of what you want. 

“Karin Ross Designs is known for its clean lines, European elegance and functional features,” Karin says. “Every project is approached as a custom project and clients are offered options and selections that will create a truly unique look for the specific client. As we are a design and build duo, the client has the attention of both the designer and the general contractor during the entire project, so the client feels they are in good hands.”

Communication the Whole Way Through

Karin believes in having a full conversation in order to find the products and features that fit best with your lifestyle. 

“Not only are our designs authentic, but we are as well,” Karin says. “We will guide the client through the pros and the cons of each aspect and/or product for the project. Our final creations are beautiful and spot-on of what the client desired to obtain from the first meeting we had.” 

Karin also views each home she works on as a personal project, and she puts extra care into it to make sure it’s a place she herself would want to live. 

“We approach every project like is our own place, and that helps us put into perspective what to avoid or emphasize,” she says. “We believe in planning; therefore our planning process is extensive but necessary. A good plan is a recipe for an easy going and successful kitchen or bathroom transformation.” 

With Karin Ross Designs, you can count on receiving the same amount of care she would put in her own home project, leading to an end result that you will truly love.

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