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14 Boy Mom Blessings


Article by Nadine Bubeck

Photography by Nadine Bubeck

A woman once stopped me amidst wrangling my boys, looked me dead in the eye and said: "Wow, you’re so lucky to have three boys." It was a refreshing comment considering most dummies ask if I’m trying for a girl. (Don’t get me started on that question!)

Truth is, I am lucky. Damn lucky. I have three healthy, happy children that I’m proud to dub mama’s boys. While I’ve totally morphed into this whole boy mom thing, I still find things surprising about mothering males. So here it goes… 14 things I didn’t expect about being a boy mama.

1. The feeling I get watching my son at bat

My older two play T-ball. Baseball, to me, is the crown jewel when it comes to sports. I always knew I’d become “that mom” on the sidelines, but I didn’t expect to feel overcome with tears when my son first approached the Tee. Everything inside of me prayed he’d hit the ball, and when he did, the annoying mom voice came out: RUN, RUN, RUN — I screamed. (You can hear it on video because of course I filmed every second.) I was so thankful he made bat-ball contact, hiding my happy mom tears behind sunglasses.

2. Being showered with flowers

No matter where we are, if my boys see a flower, they’ll fight to pick it, lovingly handing it over for me to “keep forever.” Completely unexpected, they started doing this on their own — and while I somewhat cringe when they pick flowers from planters, I can’t help but swoon. Chances are if you’re missing flowers from your garden, my boys picked them for me.

3. Pee… everywhere

I never anticipated the extent of this disgusting phenomenon. It’s downright gross. With that being said, I have a love-hate relationship with all the pee because boys are so mobile when it comes to going to the bathroom. Us girls have to pop a squat, but with boys, they can easily pee on the side of the road. This has made road trip bathroom breaks a breeze.

4. They eat all the time

And my kids are sucky eaters! Seriously, they are so picky — especially my middle child — refusing to eat the majority of food. Regardless, they always need a snack… ALWAYS. Even if they just had one, or if I’m making a dinner. I think there’s something about the word “snack” that simply needs to be banned.

5. They run, not walk

OK, this is mostly true for my youngest (assuming because he’s desperately trying to keep up with his brothers). My 2-year-old doesn’t walk… he runs. Everywhere, ...and fast. I literally can’t turn my head away fearing he’ll be halfway down the street. I think I’ll invest in one of those leash-like backpacks…

6. ...But speaking of holding hands

All my kids are totally affectionate. I had no idea boys would be so snuggly and lovey… and their display of affection seriously warms my heart. They wake up greeting one another with hugs, and my middle child, especially, requests a bazillion kisses on a nightly basis. They love holding my hand, even if we’re just watching TV, and I savor our nighttime snuggle sessions. This, in addition to showering others with love… their friends, their teachers, etc… it’s so beautiful knowing my boys encumber the sweetest soft spot in the world. (And yes, I’m biased.)

7. Different personalities

I have three boys with three different, dynamic personalities. My oldest is a creative soul with a love for music, dance, and art. My middle is obsessed with sports and trains. And my youngest thinks he's Darth Vader and loves being the center of attention- clearly fearless (he will be our party animal). I’m so happy my boys are developing their own interests and not succumbing to the “cliché” when you hear the term “all boy.” Sure, they play hard, rough-house, and think farts are funny, but they’re truly individuals, giving me a chance to bond with each of them on a special, sacred, unique level.

8. Naked dance parties

There’s something about loud music that makes their clothes come off. We have regular dance parties, and truly, such moments are memories are ones I’ll forever keep dear to my heart. However, most living room dance-offs end in three little bodies running around naked. My husband and I find it quite amusing, that is, until they strip when we have friends over…

9. Naming poop

You read that right. After my boys finish on the potty, they’ll scream for my wiping assistance and proudly point their poop out, letting me know what they’ve named it. Sometimes it’s Mickey and sometimes it’s Voltron — all depends on the day, shape, size, smell, etc. I’m particularly flattered when they make a “mom” poop.

10. Clothes shopping

I admit — seeing all those adorable girl ruffles in the store makes me crave a daughter-infused shopping spree, but truth be told — I’d likely go broke. Surprisingly, I’ve found boy shopping quite fun. Since my boys are still young, I still like to obnoxiously match them, so it’s always a fun hunt trying to find the perfect set of outfits. Yes, us boy moms need to dig much deeper when it comes to clothing assortment, but when I do find good pieces, I feel a sense of immense satisfaction.

11. Them wanting to please me

My son often takes my head in his hands, looks me deep into my eyes and says: Mommy, do I make you happy? This, in addition to them constantly asking if I’m proud of them. Them craving my validation seriously means the world to me. I’m no perfect mom, but I strive to shower my kids with positivity all that I can — yet still, they ask. Someone once told me a son will want their mother’s reassurance forever. I sure hope that’s the case.

12. Urgent Care visits

OMG don’t get me started. Over the last three vacations, we’ve visited urgent care three times. While I’m no fan of this statistic, I am facing the facts: I have boys. The first time we went to urgent care my son was walking around the house with a blanket over his head, tripped, and hit his head on the corner of our baseboard (talk about a perfect fall). Most recently, my other son took a spill on his scooter going down a hill. I’m not anticipating our next visit, but I know it will happen. Pray for me.

13. They’re excellent travel partners

People think I’m crazy, but I often pack the car, get my three kids buckled in, and road-trip for a number of hours… and low and behold, my kids rock when it comes to road-tripping. They’ve seriously become my devout travel buddies… they’re patient on the road, and love hotel hopping. Because of a consistent work schedule, my husband doesn’t always join, so often times, it’s just me and my posse. And let me tell you — my entourage knows how to vacay. I aim to instill in my kids a love for travel and exploration.

14. The purest love possible

Saved the cheeseball for last, but you knew it was coming. I always wanted to be a mom. I never cared boy or girl — I just wanted my heart and home to be filled with youthful spirits, and I’ve been blessed with three amazing sons. My boys have gifted me another round of childhood. I have a re-instilled passion for play, embrace being joyfully frivolous, savor every snuggle, and so enjoy witnessing them blossom. While I am a mother first, I have these three little friends who are mine forever… even down the road when I have to share them. Their sweet, soft, curious, kind, compassionate hearts continue to amaze me- even when they’re stubborn, tough, and rough. There are many things I know will come as a surprise while mothering my little men, and I welcome every stage of newness with open arms.