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West Meade Waterfall 


Article by Emily Woods

Photography by Emily Woods

New day - new adventure!!! My girls and I love finding new areas to explore! We planned a day with some of our Nashville friends, so I wanted to find something new to explore out their way.

We met our friends at The West Meade Waterfall. This was a short and pretty 30 minute drive for us from Franklin. The address is 402 Hathaway Court Nashville, TN. You pull right up to the waterfall, so zero hiking involved here! I know a lot of friends and followers who are wanting to know good spots for little ones, this is perfect for all ages.

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You walk right up to a little creek where we caught salamanders and played. The waterfall is so pretty and the whole area is covered with a tunnel of trees so the sun doesn’t get you! It felt about 15 degrees cooler while at the waterfall because of the great shade. We decided to walk up and around the waterfall. The hill coming down was steep; we got in some amazing laughs watching each other slide down — all in good fun of course!

We stayed about an hour, and then headed over to Bellevue for lunch and ice cream. Be sure to bring your water shoes, towels, and a change of clothes.