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Relax + Rejuvenate

Utopia Foot & Shoulder Massage offers utopian spa experience

Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Grady McGill + Courtesy of Utopia Foot & Shoulder Massage

In need of pampering? Well, this is the right place! Utopia Foot & Shoulder Massage offers massages for the neck, shoulder and feet. At first, I wanted a full-body massage, but after coming to Utopia, I changed my mind. This massage was soothing, relaxing and it rejuvenated me completely.

You enter your own private area, with black walls, waterfall sculptures and a few lights to get in the mood. The masseuse used soothing lotions and oils, and your feet were soaked in hot water with salts. You can choose from three salts designed to clear mind, relieve stress and enhance sleep. A bonus was the warm neck cushion around your neck. Ahhhh… can’t beat that! 

Utopia Foot & Shoulder Massage opened in May in Grant Park, just a few blocks from Zoo Atlanta and is the first business of its kind in the Grant Park Memorial Drive community. Julie Stewart, the salon’s owner, says she wanted to offer clients affordable services and for them to feel rejuvenated, restore the minds, bodies and spirits.

“I love nothing more than checking out of ‘the real world’ for a bit of relaxation for an hour; in fact, it’s my favorite dollar to spend,” she says. 

There are strict safety measures in place so that your visit is as worry-free as possible. 

We found their prices to be very reasonable, and they offer specials, so check out Membership packages are also offered. Utopia Foot & Shoulder Massage will soon be partnering with the community for collaborative wellness efforts promoting local businesses including Wine Night, Guided Meditation Night, Sound Healing, and more. Even if you don’t have an appointment, they welcome walk-ins. Choose what works for you!

Whether you are feeling sore, stressed, have body tensions and pain — or simply want to treat yourself — Utopia Foot & Shoulder Massage is ready to pamper you no matter what! If you are reading this, I am sure you’re wanting one now. Me too!

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