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My 'Fitmas' List


Article by Cara Hannawald

Photography by Cara Hannawald + Stock Images

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Christmas is just a little over two weeks away, and if you're like me you're just now throwing yourself into full holiday shopping mode! I commend those of you who start Christmas shopping months in advance, but I feel like I can't really get into the spirit until Black Friday hits.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to put together a "wellness gift guide" to share my favorite health/fitness/wellness products and apparel! I've tried out a ton of different products and brands over the years, and I own all of the products I'm recommending—so you know they are ones I REALLY love. I hope this helps you cross of a few gifts from your Christmas list!

1. The first thing that came to my mind when wanting to make a wellness-based gift guide was to include a good recommendation for leggings. Leggings are a staple for workouts and also for lounging and errands for me, and I've tried out so many brands. Here are my top picks:

2. This smart water bottle makes it so easy to track and increase your water intake throughout the day. It connects to an app on your phone and even your apple watch. I have the second generation but they just recently released the 3rd generation that is the newest version.

3. I love this yoga mat that I have—whenever I go to a yoga class I try to make sure it's hot yoga, and this mat is a towel + mat in one. Its two-in-one design improves your grip so you aren't slipping on sweat!

4. I wear this lip mask every night and I also use it during the day in the winter when my lips need the extra moisture! I've tried everything from vaseline to Aquaphor and this mask works 100X better and feels so soft and isn't greasy.

5. Speaking of moisture and keeping your skin hydrated—here are two inexpensive products that I have found and love. I use this hydro boost cream during the day and at night if I feel like need the extra hydration. And I've been using this overnight hydration mask and have noticed a big difference in my skin!

6. If you have a friend or family member who likes to do home workouts, this kettlebell set is the perfect addition to a home gym! Other favorite pieces of equipment I use at home includes: this ab ball, this weighted medicine ball, these resistance bands, and these sliders.

7. I love using my Apple Watch to track my workouts and I am obsessed with this leopard watch band—it's stylish enough to wear on a daily basis and holds up really well during workouts as well!

8. Hair accessories always step your activewear look up a notch (because its much more fun getting sweaty when you feel cute) and these also make perfect stocking stuffers! Here are my favorite velvet scrunchies, leopard print scrunchies, and satin hair ties.

9. I have to share my best workout secret with you: my pre-workout supplement! Take one full scoop 10-15 minutes prior to your morning workout and you'll forget that you aren't even a morning person. It gives me SO much more energy and makes my workouts 10X better and more effective. If taking it in the evening I would only do a half scoop because it can keep you up at night!

10. This blender for protein shakes and smoothies. My husband actually bought this for me as a gift and I've used it every week since! I love that you can use the smaller blender attachments to make just one smoothie for yourself on the go.

11. Another great gift (especially in the dead of winter when we are all pasty white) is a good self tanner. I love these self tanning drops that you mix into your lotion (I use these for my face) and this is my favorite self tanning foam (I use this for full body), and get this mitt for a streak free application. It's easy to apply and the color looks great—just make sure to wash your hands right after!

Wearing: my new favorite Fabletics Set.

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