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Article by Christina Vescovo

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Emily Blackburn believes the best materials make the best products. Real top grain leather, elegant hard-waring findings, and time honored techniques are elements that can’t be achieved through short cuts. Customers know it. She's chosen the long way around because our customers are looking for the best and we know how to do it.  

We purchased Blackburn Goods because they are made in Oklahoma & they are all high quality. I am very much looking forward to my hand-made luggage that will be just mine! No reason to purchase something that everyone else has.

Emily's Story:

"Seventeen years ago I began tinkering with leather and the alchemy of design. As a self taught artist it was sculpture that captured my attention and that interest blossomed with the discovery leather and its versatility. My passion turned into an opportunity to bring people better leather goods than the market had to offer. Top grain leather, beautiful and thoughtfully sourced hardware and durable design separate Blackburn Goods goods from others. My hope is that you find a bit of yourself here and take it on your next adventure."

All leather is purchased by American companies!

Come have a look on Saturday April 8th; we will be hosting a trunk show for Blackburn with food & booze. We open at 11! RSVP at admin@radioactivethreads.com 

We are very much looking forward to showing you how you may special order your own bag!

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