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5 Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle


Article by Emma Dainton

Photography by AMI Signs Team

At AMI Signs, we’re experts in getting your business seen. We know the importance of effectively communicating your message to customers and prospects. So when it comes to your branding, there’s one method of marketing we always suggest: a vehicle wrap! By branding your vehicle with your company name, services, and contact information, there’s no limit to whose eye you might catch. 

We offer many different options for advertising on your vehicle, from door and window decals to show off your business name, logo, and number, to attention-grabbing, full vinyl wraps that are sure to turn heads. At AMI Signs, we’ll work with you to find the right vehicle graphics to get your advertising on a roll.

With our experience and knowledge in branding, we’ve compiled five reasons why a vehicle wrap is the best way to bolster your business and ensure your message is seen.

  1. Your vehicle will become a transportable billboard, which means your advertising audience will become practically limitless! Whether you're driving down the highway or parked at a job site, your message will be seen by passersby and your business’s brand recognition will grow.
  2. Our vinyl graphics are fully customizable, so we can make your coolest wrap ideas into a reality. Does your dream vehicle wrap include high-quality photos or a rainbow of ultra-pigmented colors? Whatever it may be, we’ve got you covered. When investing in a full or partial wrap, your company colors and logo will be transformed into a high-contrast, dynamic design that will wow customers. 
  3. If your business has company vehicles — or even if you have a personal car — you already have a massive marketing platform! Take advantage of the vehicles you already drive every day, or the trailer that gets pulled behind your car, and next time you’re on the road you can effortlessly advertise your business, even when stuck in traffic! 
  4. Vinyl graphics are easily applied and, with proper care, will stand the test of time. If you decide to make a change, the vinyl can be easily removed with no damage to the vehicle's surface or paint. Promote your business, risk free.
  5. If your business has multiple vehicles, cohesive branding throughout your fleet will build brand awareness. A company with unified, recognizable vehicles appears established and professional. With multiple vehicles on the road, think of the thousands of impressions your branding will make, every day!

At AMI Signs, we have years of experience in design and vinyl installation. Put your trust in us to turn your company vehicle into the best marketing investment you’ll ever make!