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Article by Anika Jackson

Photography by Anika Jackson

What is a Txoko? Txoko began in the Basque region of Spain (pronounced: sho-ko) in 1870. Originally, they were closed male societies, they were private clubs where Basque men could cook, eat, sing, and speak the Basque language openly without state control. ​Today, Txokos are worldwide, and have taken on different forms, from informal gatherings with friends, to a chartered society with a formal location and cooking facilities. 

Txoko is a way of life, a way to stay connected, surrounded by food that nourishes us. If you want to experience your own Txoko event but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, TxokoUSA will plan your event with you  - customized to your unique needs.

TxokoUSA is the newest venture of NutriFit co-founder Jackie Keller and NutriFit Executive Sous Chef Oscar Gonzalez. This amazing virtual or in-person gathering allows you and your friends to be together and enjoy a great food and beverage, no matter where you are physically. TxokoUSA provides you with a guided (if desired) tasting experience where you can explore new foods, share knowledge, and learn where your food was grown. It’s a place for friends or business associates and their communities to come together around the shared experience of delicious and fresh dining. 

Alison Gutterman, CEO of Jelmar, recalls her TxokoUSA experience.

“I was able to experience the [Txoko] multi course dinner three times in 2020. When I attended the first one, I had no idea what to expect, but my experience was unique and fun. My friends and I learned about the wine and the farm where many of the vegetables and fruits are grown. I was so impressed by this experience, I hired her to make dinner for my new board members. My goal in hosting the dinner was to allow us to share a dining experience while being in different time zones. It was a delightful experience with exceptional food.”

The possibilities of this unique dining experience are endless – from visiting exotic locales with groups of fellow culinary travelers, to private events with loved ones and colleagues who live a distance from one another and simply want to get together. Folding in the delicious produce from their own local, organic farm (under their brand name, SimpliHealth Growers™), Jackie and Oscar know that TxokoUSA is about more than just guiding people through world-class meals; it is about bringing people together to enjoy the experience of something inherently human and in need of saving; the shared experience of good food, good drink, and good stories. 

What awaits you is a world of deliciously healthy, exciting meals, engaging conversation and unique experiences.

Welcome to TxokoUSA. Visit TxokoUSA.com to see sample menus and learn more about how you enjoy an experience!

Jackie Keller, Founding Director of SimpliHealth Growers and NutriFit LLC, studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. Oscar Gonzales, TxokoUSA’s Executive Sous Chef, completed his PhD in Culinary Science and Level II Sommelier at the Culinary Institute of America, following his early culinary education at Ferrandi, the French School of Culinary Arts, and a Masters at Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris. He earned a Michelin star at L’Espadon at the Ritz Palace in Paris, France. 


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