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Modern Farmhouse


Article by Courtney Evans

Photography by Snohomish Board & Brush

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Snohomish is a perfect blend of modern farmhouse style that treasures its history. Our town’s natural beauty gives it a relaxed countryside feel. We’re proud of our historic downtown and the many antique shops it holds. If you are seeking to enhance your home decor by combining old and new elements for added character and charm, Snohomish is the perfect place to achieve that.

4 Easy Ideas to give your home the character you love

1-  Start with using neutral colors like white, beige, brown, and gray. It’s like having a blank canvas where you can add splashes of color to add your personal character into your space. You can incorporate a comfy-chic farmhouse feel by mixing in cozy textiles, adding rustic wood accents, and opting for vintage-inspired furniture pieces.

2-  In modern design, striking the right balance between materials is essential, but it’s also about functionality. Seek antique furniture made of polished wood, metal, or glass that serves a dual purpose, offering both functionality and a touch of history. Similarly, opt for Eco-friendly materials like linen, cotton, and bamboo to create a modern farmhouse style.

3-      Shopping locally not only infuses your space with a community, it’s a way to blend that cozy, community-driven atmosphere into your home’s design. Some of our favorite local shops are:

Edit | 1001 First Street

My Eclectic Home | 916 First Street

Star Center Antique Mall | 829 2nd Street

4-     Our community is full of DIY workshops that can help you customize exactly what you want. DIY a wood sign at Board & Brush, create a timeless look with DIY wool flowers at a Jenny Lynn Wool Creations class, or if macrame is your style, check out Beyond the Knots. 

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