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What to Know About Kaka‘ako


Article by Monty Clark

Photography by Provided

Kakaako Lifestyle met with with Holden Lau of to see how the last few months have affected the local community.

How's Kakaako been dealing with the pandemic?

Each building is sort of a community within itself, so each of them have been implementing their own rules to help keep their residents safe. This is really important because everyone shares common areas like elevators, entrances, and hallways so when residents go above and beyond in keeping those areas clean it encourages others to do the same.  

That’s so good to hear.

Yeah, I really believe in the future of Kaka‘ako and the people that are choosing to move here – it’s a true walkable, live-work-play community, so it’s no wonder that so many new businesses are opening here. Like, just last weekend H Mart opened their first location in Hawaii in Kakaako. H Mart is the largest Asian grocery store chain in America.  

Speaking of business, how has your business been doing?

Well, I am really lucky that my business has been fine. We’ve always been focused on providing buyers and sellers resources via online so nothing has changed there. From a showing perspective we’re doing more virtual and video tours which I’ve been doing for years anyway. If anything, I have realized that I should be doing more video and more YouTube, so I’ve been focusing more of my efforts there.  

How are you adapting?

Being more present on platforms like Instagram and YouTube has helped me keep myself present in the minds of buyers and sellers. Meeting face to face these days isn’t always the best option so learning to interact with people through other platforms is key.

You called Kakaako a true live-work-play community, what do you do to get out and about?

I actually SUP surf out at Ala Moana Beach Park which is literally across the street from Kakaako. I grew up playing soccer and I’m an avid Arsenal FC supporter. I love to BBQ and try the latest restaurants around town.

All right, Go Gunners! What else is going on?

I recently got married! We actually got married on March 7th just weeks before the lockdown so we were so happy to get it in as many of our friends who planned to get married this year had to push back until next year.

Congrats! Anything you want to leave us with?

Thanks, man. Well I gotta tell you, Kakaako is urban living at it's finest and cars are optional! It's the future home to two different stops on Honolulu's up and coming rail along with other notable stops like Downtown (4 minutes away) and Honolulu International Airport (13 minute ride). Bordered by downtown Honolulu, Oahu's main economic and financial hub, Ala Moana and Waikiki, Oahu's major tourist attractions, and with a wide range of restaurants, shops, street art, and boutiques right in Kakaako, it's the ideal location for a residential community.

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