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A Guide to Massages in Missoula


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The city of Missoula, located in Western Montana, appreciates its history, and to that end, many of the historical structures there have been restored.

There are also modern creations at the Missoula Art Museum and one of the few original carousels still in the country, with beautifully handcrafted ponies.

On the excursion side, you have miles of rugged mountain trails to pursue, lush green forests, and pristine waterfalls.

However, when everyone's not exerting all their energy into one of the many activities, a relaxing hour or two at one of the many massage spas in the city is always a welcome treat.

The spas feature various services and treatments, and therapists can customize many of them to suit your needs.

If you're seeking a spa to unwind, but are unsure of what you need or what is available, read through this guide to massage in The city for all the options available to you. 

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Massages Around Missoula: Northside and Beyond

You will find one hundred and ten massage options around Missoula, Montana. These massage salons come with competent therapists and numerous accolades. 

The therapists are all qualified to give in-depth therapeutic services. Thai massage, Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, and hot stone massages are just a handful of the techniques they employ. 

You will locate several excellent massage salons as far south as the Southgate Triangle, then to Northside Missoula. These massage experts will bring your body back to a renewed form.

Sacred Roots Massage takes the holistic approach to massage therapy and the clients have given them many commendations for it. They are located on Sherwood Street, not far from the Clark Fork River.

Not only are the massage techniques that are substantial, but also the types of massages offered. Check out some of the services that you receive at the massage salons and the variety of strategies that are used by expert therapists to make your treatment successful.

Romance is in the Air: Couples Massage Therapy

In recent years, the definition of couples massage therapy has changed to be more inclusive. Any two people can get a couples massage in the city or across the country, not just a husband and wife.

The therapy includes the duo being in a private room with two therapists who massage their bodies in unison as they lay on different beds.

Marriage counselors give major credit to this type of massage to help couples restore their relationship melody. 

Candlelight, scintillating atmosphere, and sweet-sounding music are some of the things that a couples therapist uses to assist the couple with getting into a romantic mind frame. This will enable them to restore their deep feelings as they bask in the massage.

If you are about to get a couples massage, you can set the mood early by taking the entire day or the afternoon off, eating light foods like fruits, sipping some wine, and leaving your communications gadgets behind when you get to the spa.

Treating friends or loved ones to a couples massage is always a welcomed gift. 

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Pregnancy and Prenatal Massage Services Offered

Pregnancy massages are widely embraced by not just the massage spas but more physicians as well in recent years. 

Many physicians were opposed to that type of therapy, and understandably so, as it posed a significant risk to the unborn child, particularly in the first stage of their pregnancy.

Pregnant women do not have to endure the discomfort anymore, as more therapists are getting the necessary training on how to carry out effective pregnancy massages without impacting the fetus. 

Pregnant women are now able to enjoy massages, not just from the onset of their pregnancy but right up until the point of giving birth.

Most of the massage spas now have beds specifically made for pregnant women to ensure their comfort. Simultaneously, others also have specially-designed pillows that the women can cuddle around to make themselves comfortable during the therapy session.

A pregnancy massage helps to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with the pregnancy and helps the women to have a more comfortable daily life until they give birth and even postnatal.

Not Sure What Hurts the Most? Try Full-Body massage therapy

To get a full body massage is straightforward. Turn up at almost any of the spas, and you'll find that they offer this service, with qualified therapists ready to stroke away your tension.

CJ Massage on 400 Expressway offers one hour and 90-minute full body massage that leaves you totally revived. This is one of the many types of great massages they offer.

A full body massage is one of the most fulfilling ones that you can receive. This is because the masseuse gently strokes your temples and massages down to the soles of your feet, covering your entire body in the process. 

There is no specifically targeted area, but if you have a sore spot that you'd like them to focus on a little bit more, you can ask for it.

For anyone concerned about what they should or shouldn't wear, feel free to discuss it with your therapist, and they will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and ensure the massage process goes through successfully. 

Most people only wear a bikini so the masseuse can access all the major areas they need to release tension from. 

While wearing your clothes is not a problem, it can negatively impact the massage's depth, so it's advisable to wear as little as possible. The aim is to ensure that your body is completely rejuvenated.

If this is the first time you were getting a massage, a full body massage is always recommended to help release the different areas of your body that may have been knotted over time.

In the future, you can select specific massage techniques that focus on any area that you choose. Most first-time full-body massages are Swedish, as this is not a deep tissue massage. 

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Run without Pain: Foot massage therapy 

If you plan on getting a foot massage in Missoula Mt, you are guaranteed a splendid experience. This is because the reflexologists in that city are well-trained and therefore carry out their tasks very well. 

The reflexologist massages your feet and puts pressure on the regions of the feet that attach to all the essential organs in your body, from your stomach all the way up to your brain. 

A good foot therapist will know where on your feet not to touch and the areas that will stimulate the different sections that are required to help with the blood flow.

If you are pregnant and getting a foot massage, it's essential to ensure that you're using a certified reflexologist. 

These therapists know the areas that could stimulate and cause contractions, so they will avoid that and ensure you have no discomfort.

At the end of the day, once a foot massage is complete, any pain aches or blood flow issues you were facing should have been alleviated. 

A foot massage is not always the same as reflexology because some are basic four rubs. Meanwhile, a reflexologist is educated in that field and understands the different foot areas to place pressure on. 

If you have any primary health conditions, especially those related to low blood flow, it's essential to verify that the masseuse you have is a certified reflexologist. They will know how to handle your feet based on your health situation properly. 

Thai Massage Therapy: Timeless

Thai massages date back centuries. However, this type of massage procedure is one of the most highly rated. It is useful in healing many health situations that one may have or the general aches, pains, and tension that you may feel.

A Thai massage is not a delicate procedure, as it requires a lot of stretching, and the therapist can sometimes use their joints like the elbows, knees, and even their feet as part of the process. 

You do not lay on a typical massage bed but rather on the floor so that the procedure can take place more efficiently. 

Many movements are like yoga, and even though you are stretched to your limits, you will feel wholly renewed upon completion. 

If you'd like to get a Thai massage in Missoula MT, all the massage spas offer this service. 

If you have any health issues at all, please contact your physician before getting this massage.

Overall, no matter where you are, a skilled therapist will be waiting to help you relax and regain your flexibility. 

Now that you know all the treatment types available to you don't delay, schedule a massage today!

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